Replacing and Programming Opel Corsa C ECU

Here is a simple article about how to replace and programming Opel Corsa C ECU,hope it is helpful to all of you.

Opel Corsa C ECU

Tool you need:

GM Tech 2

Some about ECU articles you need:

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Below is the procedure, I search and learn from forum members:

  1. Obtain all ECU pin codes especially second hand ECUs (immobilizer or engine). Scan old ECU to obtain VIN code and then obtain car passes to match.
    Obtain all keys they will be required at end of procedure. SPS program new engine ECU with vehicle engine code and VIN number.
    3. Configure engine ECU CAN configuration (Engine/ programming/ program CAN configuration)
    Configure engine ECU variant configuration (Engine/ programming/ program variant configuration)
    4. Reset engine ECU if second hand ECU use pin code from car pass (body/ immobilizer / additional functions/ reset engine ECU)
    Reset immobilizer (body/ immobilizer/ additional functions/ reset immobilizer)
    Reset BCM (body/ BCM/ additional functions /reset BCM)
    Reset instrument cluster (body/ instrument/ additional functions/ reset instrument)
    5. Program immobilizer function (engine and immobilizer): this will program everything together includes new keys. Have all keys programmed (body/ immobilizer/ programming/ program immobilizer function).
    Check and clear all fault codes Engine immobilizer dash BCM ABS and gearbox. Road test and recheck it.



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