Kubota Engine Tank Heater Coolant Valve Active Test by Diagmaster

This illustration show you guide on how to use Kubota Diagmaster to do tank heater coolant valve active test for Kubota engine.



2022 Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster v22.08.01 v4.1.2 Software Free Download

Kubota EPC Spare Parts Catalogue 2021.06 Download

Takeuchi Excavator Workshop EPC+Service Manual 2018 PDF Files



Start engine and leave in idle state.

Connect engine and PC, and start Diagmaster.

Choose Tank heater coolant valve ON/OFF function(ACU) from active test.

Adds coolant valve status to data monitor and starts to log.


Starts active test.

Check that valve operates 3 times automatically.

Used primarily for purging the system.


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