Kubota DEF Injector ID Code Programming by Diagmaster

It required you to do injector re-programming when DEF injector changed,swapped with other cylinder or ECU changed.This post show you guide on how to use Kubota Diagmaster diagnostic software to do injector compensation (ACU) for Kubota machine.



2022 Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster v22.08.01 v4.1.2 Software Free Download

Kubota EPC Spare Parts Catalogue 2021.06 Download


In order to correct for variations of injection quantity caused by individual difference of Injectors, input ID code of equipped Injectors into ECU

ID code is for Diagmaster.(printed by DENSO)

QR code is for manufacturing line.(here don’t need)

Kubota-DEF-Injector-ID-Code-Programming-by-Diagmaster-1 Kubota-DEF-Injector-ID-Code-Programming-by-Diagmaster-2




Connect engine and PC, and start Diagmaster.

Choose Injector Compensation (ACU) from Utility.

Enter ID code that is described on the side of DEF Injector.


Resister ID code of DEF injector on K-isS.

Need to enter part No., serial No., DEF injector compensation(ID code).

Tools: Visual Check

Kubota-DEF-Injector-ID-Code-Programming-by-Diagmaster-4 Kubota-DEF-Injector-ID-Code-Programming-by-Diagmaster-5


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