How Configure Connection Between Scania VCI3 & PC by Wireless

Lone ago share a guide on How to Setup WIFI for Scania VCI-3 VCI3 V2.21,now here another more detail about wireless configuration guide here.If are Scania VCI3 user and don’t know how to do it,please read it clearly!!!



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Scania VCI3 Interface

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If communication between the computer and VCI3 is to run on a wireless network, the settings for the wireless network must be set correctly for communication to work.
The following technical requirements must be in place for e.g. the diagnostic tools SDP3 or BST to establish a communication link with a wireless VCI3 via a wireless network:
• VCI3 must be supplied with power via the OBD connector.
• VCI3 must be configured for a wireless network.
• The local network which the computer and VCI3 are connected to must be configured so that it allows broadcast from units. If the computer and VCI3 communicate via wireless direct connection, this happens automatically.
• The computer must be connected to the network which VCI3 is on.
• Two users cannot connect to the same VCI3 simultaneously.
• If VCI3 is configured to request a connection password, the correct password must be given in SDP3 when connecting.


Configuring VCI3
Using VCI Configurator, that is available via SDP3, you can configure VCI3 to suit your business. Here you can, for example, change the name of a VCI3 or the network settings.
1.Connect VCI3 to the computer via the USB port.
2.Start SDP3.
3.Click the Settings menu.
4.Select Start VCI Configurator.
Note:It is only possible to configure one VCI3 at a time.


General settings
In the panel at the top of the configuration program window, there are a number of settings which are more general.

1.Configuration password
In the panel at the top of the configuration program window, you can set a configuration password. This password is necessary in order to configure VCI3 and is specific to each VCI3 unit.
If the password does not met the requirements,a red border appears around the field. Move the mouse pointer over the field to get information on the requirements set on the password.

2.Connection password
A connection password protects the VCI3 from being used by anyone who is not authorised.
The connection password also protects against unintentional connection to a VCI. It is recommended to protect VCI3 using a connection password but it is not compulsory. The password must be entered whenever anyone wants to connect to VCI3 from SDP3.
Move the mouse pointer over the field to get information on the requirements set on the password.

3.VCI name
The name of your VC13 is optional and you set it here. When you search for the VCI3 on the network, this is the name which is displayed. If there are several VCI3s on the same network,
each VCI3 must have a unique name.Move the mouse pointer over the field to get information on the requirements set on the VCI name.


You can create up to 4 unique configurations in the configuration program.
By creating different configurations you can use different networks for the same VCI.
Create the configurations in the configuration program and then select the configuration you want to use in SDP3.
In SDP3 you can select which configuration you want to use via the menu option Connection/Select VCI configuration.

New configuration
Create a new configuration by clicking the New Configuration button.



Copy network settings
1.Click Available networks in VCI Configurator. A list of available networks is opened.
2.Select network.
3.Click Copy settings. The settings are automatically copied into VCI Configurator.
Depending on how the selected network is configured, various settings will be copied over. You get the IP address in connection with this. For more information, refer to Configuration of IP settings for wireless direct connection.
4.Enter password phrase. The program automatically generates encryption keys.



Manual configuration
Network settings are necessary for VCI3 to communicate with a computer via a wireless connection.
VCI3 must have the same network settings as the computer which will connect to it. The IP address is the only setting which must be unique to each unit (VCI3, computer).

1.Configuration name
Enter the configuration name here. Each configuration has a unique name.

2.Activate configuration
This is where you activate your configuration.

3.Test configuration
This is where you test your configuration. Tobe able to test the configuration, it must first be activated.

4.Available networks
This is where to check which networks are available.



1.Network type
Here you select whether this configuration is to be connected via an existing wireless network
or via wireless direct connection to the computer. The different configurations can be configured for different network types.

SSID is the name of the wireless network.
If the computer and VCI3 are going to communicate via a wireless network, the configuration’s network name (SSID) must be identical to the wireless network name (SSID).
If the computer and VCI3 are going to communicate via a wireless direct connection, the network name identifies the profile when the user connects to the VCI3 wireless network in Windows.
Move the mouse pointer over the field to get information on the requirements set on SSID.



Region and channel
Region specifies the geographical region the VCI3 profile is to be used in. The choice of region affects technical properties of the VCI3 wireless network, such as transmission frequency etc.

For units which communicate via WLAN, each country has rules about permissible channels, maximum number of users and maximum power output within the channel frequency range. It could be against the law not to follow these rules.

Contact your local Network administrator or appropriate authority in the country where the product will be used to ensure that you make the correct settings.

Select channel as follows:
• Wireless network: tick the box for automatic channel selection.
• Wireless direct connection: any channel between 1 and 11.
The different profiles can be configured for different regions and channels.


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