Detroit Diesel Heavy Duty GHG17 SCR Circuit Diagram

This is illustration show you SCR circuit diagram for Detroit Diesel heavy duty GHG17 engine.


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1 DEF Tank Screen

2 DEF Line Tank to DEF Pump

3 Pump Electric Motor

4 Ventilation Membrane

5 Freeze Protection Element

6 DEF Pump Suction Port

7 DEF Pump Pressure Port

8 DEF Pump Coolant Inlet Port

9 DEF Pump Coolant Outlet Port

10 Pressure Relief Valve

11 Filter Screen

12 Dosing Valve

13 Pressure Sensor

14 Heating Element

15 Backflow Orifice

16 Atomizer

17 Filter Screen

18 Doser Inlet Port

19 Doser Outlet Port

20 DEF Doser Return Line to Tank

21 Coolant Valve

22 DEF Tank Header

23 Coolant Heating Circuit Inside DEF Tank

24 DEF Level Sensor

25 DEF Tank Temperature Sensor

26 Coolant Line Engine to Control Valve

27 Coolant Line Tank to DEF Pump

28 Coolant Line DEF Pump to Engine

29 DEF Line to DEF Pump to Dosing Unit

30 Engine

31 DEF Tank

32 DEF Pump Module

33 DEF Dosing Unit

Detroit Diesel Heavy Duty GHG17 SCR Circuit Diagram

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