Linde Forklift Truck Pressure Differential Lift Cylinder Error Code Solution

This service information show you guide on how to solve pressure differential lift cylinder error code for Linder forklift truck.



2023 Linde Service Guide LSG 5.2.2 U0278 and 5.1.2 Free Download



On industrial trucks, the pressure differential lift cylinder error code may be displayed repeatedly.

The solution is to modify the supply lines from the lift cylinder to the sensors.

The following components are required for the conversion work:



Course of action


Instead of one supply line (mini measuring line) from each lift cylinder (left/right) to each pressure sensor, both sensors are connected to one lift cylinder (left). The second supply line is omitted.

Disassemble the supply lines (1) and (2)


Attach the connecting piece 0009452234  (3) to the left-hand lift cylinder with the sealing ring 0009620451  (4) on the pipe adaptor 0019512159  (5) .


Attach the pipe adaptor 0019512159 with the sealing ring 0009620451  (6) to the t-piece 0009513347  (7) .

Attach the sensor lines 0009445004  (8) and (9) to the t-piece 0009513347.

Connect the entire adaptor to the supply line on the lift cylinder (10)


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