Volkswagen Tiguan 00349 Fault Code 09G TCM Shift Locked Repair

A Volkswagen Tiguan get the 00349 diagnostic trouble code,and the transmission can not work correctly,it seem that the transmission can not shift normally.More Volkswagen repair,check this tag:Volkswagen Repair Projects.

Volkswagen Tiguan 00349 Fault Code 09G TCM Shift Locked Repair (1)



Newest ODIS-E Engineering 17.0.1/12.2.0/9.0.1 Free Download

08.2023 VW ODIS 23.0.5 & 7.2.1 & 5.2.7 Diagnostic Software Free Download


Use VW ODIS software to diagnose the VW Tiguan,get the 00349 trouble code.

00349:Solenoid Valve 10 (N283): Open or Short to Ground


Possible Symptoms

Shifting issues


Possible Causes

1.Damaged wiring harness

2.Failed Solenoid Valve

3.Failed TCM


Possible Solutions

Ohm test wiring harness


Special Notes

When found on the 6 speed 09G transmission:

Solenoid Valve 10 (N283) is also noted as The Pressure Control Valve 6 (N271)


After check wiring harness and solenoid valve,both of them can work normally.So it seem the TCM get trouble.


Remove Transmission Control Module from Volkswagen Tiguan,and open the cover to check the PCB board.And after appearence check and circuit measuring,it seem that the 99327-00005 communication chip damaged.

Replace a new 99327-00005 communication chip,and install all back on VW Tiguan.

Start engine,and test transmission work correctly.

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