10.2021 VW ODIS 7.2.1 & 5.2.7 Diagnostic Software Free Download

What is VW ODIS?

ODIS System is short called of Offboard Diagnostic Information System, integrates VW Group’s main application system, improves greatly on the efficiency of diagnosis. ODIS System provide flexible fault diagnosis, clear data test display, convenient diagnosis entrance.



VW ODIS Functions List:

Diagnostic logs are saved automatically.

* You can choose a dynamic brand layout. This changes then depending on the brand of the vehicle.

* The special functions are represented thematically sortedly.

* You have the possibility to generate a self diagnostic log.

* You can check the connections to backend systems.

* The enforcement of an update was optimized.

* The data-download is carried out in the background.

* An intermittent download is continued automatically.

* You have the option to shut down the system after an update automatically.

* If no online-connection exists, the login-dialog is skipped in the diagnosis entry.

* The Test Instruments view is printed with white background.

* You have the possiblity to use a standard mail client to send a support message.

* Certain equipment features can be set, if fitted, manually e.g. national variant.

* There is a mode self diagnostic.

* The self diagnostic can be used also in the case of works with order.

* OBD-functions can be carried out in the self diagnostic.

* Various small optimizations at the graphical user interface.


* Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.
*Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view,used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used and submissions of support requests
*The measured value display has been improved.
*Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.
*One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.
*GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.
*Danger messages have been revised.
* Stopping of diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.
*Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.
*Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.
*ODIS Service Software update has been stabilized.


VW ODIS Diagnostic Support Vehicle models list:

Audi,Volkswagen,VW Nutzfahrzeuge,Seat,Skoda,Bentley,Lamborghini…

Detail vehicle please read the article: VW ODIS Diagnostic Support Vehicle models list


VW ODIS Diagnostic Software Hardware:

VAS 5054A



ODIS 7.2.1 Service Diagnostic Software Free Download:

10.2021 ODIS 7.2.1 All Brands+ODIS-Engineering 12.2.0 Test 100% work solution


ODIS-S 5.2.7 with Postsetup 99.0.120 from 2020.05.19 and some extra options

Please do not download all, as some files are just options,look first then download what you need.


To bypass the mega download limit you can use:


ODIS Service 5.1.6 Free Download

ODIS 5.16 Offboard DiagSetup

ODIS 5.1.6 – Postsetup 89.5.520



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