Volkswagen Tiguan Air Conditioner System Long Coding by Launch X431

If you find below situation occurs on your Volkswagen car,you need to perform long coding:

  1. Is similar to the control unit coding errors and version information for all the long code value is 0;
  2. Replace the new module of electronic control unit.

So here i will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 device to perform long coding function for Volkswagen Tiguan air conditioner system.And for more about Volkswagen repair,please check here:Volkswagen Trouble Repair.


What You Need?

Launch X431 Device


Operation procedure

1.Choose VW V27.76 aboveļ¼›

2.Choose system selection;

3.Choose 08 air-conditioner heating system;

4.Read the old air-conditioning ECU version information and record the long code:0000001002


5.Install the new air conditioner ECU, read the control unit version information, long code display all 0, indicating the need for long coding


6.Choose [long coding], then choose [the hex code]


7.Prompts the current encoding


8.Click [yes] to enter the previous record in the new dialog box: 0000001002


9.Click ok, the new dialog box that pops up prompts the old and new codes


10.Click [yes], hint: code success


11.Click [ok] to display the version information interface, where the code of the coding workshop and the long coding display data are not all 0, indicating long coding completion


12.After the match is completed, the fault code of the [read fault code] function should be selected. If the fault code is displayed, the long coding of the air conditioning system has been

successfully completed.


More test report about Launch X431 please check:Launch X431 Test report

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