VW 01276 Fault Code:ABS Hydraulic Pump V64 Repair

This VW repair case from one of my blog reader,I share it here hope it helps!It is focus on how to repair VW 01276 fault code trouble VW ABS hydraulic pump v64.And for more about VW repair,please refer to Volkswagen trouble repair.



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The ABS warning light on when pressing brake pedal during driving,and the ABS can not work correctly.


VW 01276 ABS Hydraulic Pump V64 Repair:

1.Use ODIS diagnostic software perform trouble code reading,got 01276:ABS hydraulic pump v64 faulty.

2.Disconnect the ABS module connectors

3.Check V64 pump power source

4.Disassemble the V64 control unit PCB,mechanic found cold solder joint

5.Resolder the cold solder joint.

6.Recommend you to check the fuse panel on top of the battery for damage,make sure it can work correctly.


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