Santana ABS Fluid Pump Motor Trouble Repair Guide

Santana 2000GSI equiped MK20-1 ABS,it include ABS controller(electronic control unit,hydraulic unit,hydraulic unit…),four sensors of wheel,ABS trouble light,warning light.Usually,there is a ABS trouble on car that Fluid Pump motor can not work.In this article you will get information about how to fix ABS Fluid Pump Motor trouble.

Santana ABS Fluid Pump Motor Error Repair Guide

Symptoms of ABS Fluid Pump Motor trouble:

1.ABS warning light on.

2.ABS can not work.

3.It shows 01276 trouble code in diagnostic tools.


Normally,you need to replace ABS control unit,sometime even ABS controller.It will take you more than hundreds dollars.After disassembling and checking electronic control unit,I found reason which fluid pump motor can’t work caused by is sealing-off between ABS control unit wire connector and unit PCB.This wire connector is connected to fluid pump motor terminal.What you need to do is to use welding gun to make terminal firm.Below I share the way how to diagnose and troubleshoot.


Diagnose:Use X431 to read ABS trouble code,then do below operation for fluid pump control unit and fluid pump motor circuit according to DTCs read in X431.

1.Check fuse S123 30A of fluid pump.
2.Diagnose fluid pump control unit and fluid pump motor by X431.
3.Remove the wire connector between ABS control unit and fluid pump motor.Then provide battery voltage on fluid pump motor to check the motor working status.

After you finish 3 points above,and find fuse S123 is ok and fluid pump motor can not work when you use x431 to diagnose,but the motor work correctly in point.It mean there is problem in electronic control unit and the electronic control unit can not work correctly to control motor.



  • Remove the ABS controller form holder.(Note:After removing the brake pipe,you need to seal the hole on the ABS controller to protect dust and other get in the ABS controller. )
  • Separate ABS electronic unit and fluid pump unit,and cover them by nonlinting fabric.
  • Remove the ABS control unit PCB from the plastic box.(Note:You can use hand saw to remove unit from plastic box,but be care do not do damage the ABS control unit PBC.)
  • Check the ABS electronic unit PCB carefully,you will find the sealing-off between fluid pump motor terminal and unit PCB.
  • Use the welding gun to make welding spot firm.
  • Finally,you need to restore all of above.Put the ABS control unit back to plastic box and seal it by glass cement,then install ABS controller on the holder.Connect brake pipe,then empty the air in the control system.Clear the trouble code by x431 or disconnecting fuse of ABS electronic control unit more then 10s.

We have solved fluid pump motor trouble in this way on more than twenty car,it work!Hope this article is helpful to you!

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