Toyota Steering Angle Sensor Output Correction by Launch X431

This article show a guide on how to use Launch X431 to calibrate angle sensor output for Toyota.Hope it helps!


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This function menu is located under X431 TOYOTA EHPS/EMPS work Support menu, TOYOTA-16 or CAN BUS II connector can be selected.

The following is the operation guide:


Condition: When steering actuators or ECU replaced, please performing this function, other wise it is not necessary. In fact, this function includes tow processes, steering angle sensor correction and torque sensor correction. Please confirm no DTCs stored before performing this function.

If you decide to do this function, please click the items in fig.1 to enter step 1/7, see fig.2:


If conditions is met, please press “OK” key to enter step 2/7 as fig.3, perform as following guide, Steering angle sensor output correction can be finished after this process done. Attention: Ignition switch ON (HV vehicle-READY ON), vehicle speed 0Km/h, click “OK” to perform this operation and then enter step 3/7 as Fig.4:


During this step, the sensor correction value initializing is finished, please turn ignition switch OFF�ON and then click “OK” key to enter 4/7,see Fig.5:

If condition is met: Steering wheel and front wheel are directly forward, please click “OK” key to enter step 5/7,as Fig6:


Please operate as description in Fig.6, if operation succeed, the interface will automatically switch to step 6/7, as fig.7, during this step, torque sensor zero point correction will be done. Notice: Do not touch steering wheel while correcting, click

“OK” to perform operation, if successful, it will enter next step 7/7. See fig.8:


When the prompt–torque sensor zero point correction finished , is displayed, it means the whole operation is completed successfully. Please click “OK” to end.


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