Steering Angle Sensor Location and Removal

Some freshman have on idea of Steering Angle Sensor,and they do not know how to locate steering angle sensor,this short article  just for purpose to introduce steering angle sensor location and how to remove steering angle sensor.

What is Steering Angle Sensor ?

The Steering Angle Sensor also short called SAS,it a important component of ESC system to measure the rate of turn and steering wheel position angle.The steering angle sensor can measure the steering wheel position when you turn wheel right or left and the steering angle sensor transmit data to auto electric control unit to make ECU provide steering instructions correctly.


Where is Steering Angle Sensor Locate?

The SAS is located in a sensor cluster in the steering column.(Show as below picture,the second diagram diagram with #3 being the steering  angle sensor)

steering angle sensor location-1 steering angle sensor location-2

Mercedes Benz C230 Steering Angle Sensor Removal Guide-3

How to remove steering angle sensor?

Read Steering Angle Sensor Removal Guide on Mercedes Benz C230,difference vehicle model removal of steering angle sensor are much the same.


How to reset steering angle sensor:

How to Reset Steering Angle Sensor?

Ford Mondeo Steering Angle Sensor Reset & Calibrate Guide

How to Reset Nissan Steering Angle Sensor (2009~2014)

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