How to Solve Benz Steering Angle Sensor Internal Fault

It known to automobile mechanic that steering angle sensor fault is a universal trouble on Benz C-class and E-class.If you ask you dealer to solve this problem,it will cost about 1000+ dollars.Here I share this guide on how to solve Benz steering angle sensor internal fault.And for more projects about steering angle sensor,please check “steering angle sensor tag

Trouble Symptoms:

ESP light on when turning the wheel

The ESP light off when starting the engine again.


How to Solve Benz Steering Angle Sensor Fault:

Here are 4 options to solve this trouble


Option 1:Check the Steering Angel Sensor PCB:

Remove Benz steering angle sensor and check the PCB to ensure if the PCB and optical element are covered with dust.

Clear the dust,install them back on vehicle to test.


Option 2:TLE7263 IC Damaged:

Steering angle sensor is power by TEL7263 IC,if the TEL7263 was damaged,the whole steering angle sensor can not work correctly,it will bring the trouble codes.

Solution:Replace a new TLLE7263 IC.

Option 3:CPU Pins with Bad Soldering

It is easy to understand that the fault caused by the bad soldering.There are many inexplicable fault caused by bad soldering.


Option 4:Steering Angle Sensor Data Loss

This is a small probability event,if you believe it caused by it.Just initialize the steering angle sensor with a new data file.

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