New Holland T6030 Tractor Primary Hydraulic Remote Valve Disassemble Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to disassemble primary hydraulic power system closed center mechanical remote valve


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1.Remove the remote control valve quick release coupling manifold(s).
The couplers are serviced as an assembly and should not be disassembled


2.Remove the remote control valve control cable retaining bracket


3.Remove the remote control valve end cover retaining nuts.
Remove the remote control valve end cover.


4.Remove the remote control valve slices from the remote control valve base manifold




5.Disassemble the remote control valve slice using the following instructions and illustrations.
Remove the O-ring (1) and the check valve (2)
Remove the flow control adjuster knob (1) and unscrew the flow control adjuster from the remote control valve bod


6.Prior to removing the control valve spool ensure the flats (1) on the end of the spool are in the vertical position as shown.
Remove the remote control valve main control spool


7.Remove the lock valve from the raise port as follows:-
Using a small screwdriver, open the two slots (1) on the keeper (2) and turn the keeper through 90 degrees.
Remove the spring seat (3) from the remote control valve housing. Remove the lock valve


New-Holland-T6030-Tractor-Primary-Hydraulic-Remote-Valve-Disassemble-Guide-9 New-Holland-T6030-Tractor-Primary-Hydraulic-Remote-Valve-Disassemble-Guide-10 New-Holland-T6030-Tractor-Primary-Hydraulic-Remote-Valve-Disassemble-Guide-11 New-Holland-T6030-Tractor-Primary-Hydraulic-Remote-Valve-Disassemble-Guide-12


9.Remove the main control spool (5) by removing the spool centring mechanism (4).
NOTE: It is not recommended that the spool centring mechanism (4) is disassembled.
10.Housed within the centre of the remote control valve main control spool (5) is the detent release orifice
(10). This is factory preset and servicing should be restricted to washing in an approved degreasing agent without removing the orifice from within the spool


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