Remove & Disassemble Upper Gear Housing for Volvo Penta 280 Engine

Here show you guide on how to remove and disassemble upper gear housing for Volvo Penta 280,285,290 engine.


For Volvo PENTA EPC,please refer to:

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Volvo Penta EPC 6 2023 2016 Offline Free Download




1.Place a drain pan under the sterndrive. Remove the drain plug (1) and drain oil from drive. Reinstall the drain plug after the oil has drained.


2.Remove cotter pin and washer from gear shift linkage, and remove the linkage.


3.Remove two retaining nuts from upper gear head studs.


4.Remove two allen head retaining bolts. Remove thegear head.



Disassembly, models 280, 285 and 290

1.Remove the shift rod (1) from the shift plate (2). Remove the screws (3) and the nuts (4) holding the intermediate housing to the upper housing. Use a rubber mallet to knock the housings apart. Knock carefully.


2.Keep check on the number of shims (1) between the different housings and for all the gear sets in case neither the gears, housing nor the bearings need to be replaced. In this case the same shim thickness is to be used.


3.Remove the 7 screws holding the lower gear housing to the intermediate housing. Use a rubber mallet and knock the housings carefully apart. Lift off the splines sleeve (1).
NOTE! On sterndrives of later manufacture the 4 bigger-sized screws are installed with stainless steel washers. Take care of these washers.


4.Install the upper gear housing in the special tool 884264. This tool, of later manufacture, carries the part number 884830.(Volvo )


5.Remove the 4 screws holding the shift mechanism and remove the mechanism.
NOTE! Be sure to remove the shift shoe (1) with the shift mechanism.


6.Remove the 4 Allen-head screws holding the clamping ring (1) and pull out the universal joint and the double bearing box.
NOTE! Take care of the shims (2).


7.Remove the 4 screws holding the gear housing cover and remove the cover.
NOTE! The front right hand screw (1) is a hollow screw with an O-ring seal. Take care of the shims (2)


8.Remove the left hand threaded nut (1) on the vertical shaft. Use special tool 884830 as a counter-hold on the splines shaft when removing the nut.


9.Lift out the upper gear and the bearing box as well as the engagement sleeve.


10.Lift off the upper gear housing from the special tool. Dismantle the lower gear set and the shaft by removing the split locking ring (1) and the washer (2). Mark the gears to ensure the same location when assembling.
NOTE! Handle the engagement sleeve and gear wheel cones with utmost care to avoid scratching them.


11.Remove the needle bearings (1) and the spacer rings (2) from the upper and lower gear sets.
NOTE! The needle bearings are matched in pairs and must not be mixed!


12.Remove by pressing out the upper and lower of the bearing sleeves. Use special tools 884386 and 884259.


1.3Press out the bearings of the bearing sleeves.
Use special tools 884386 and 884265.



Input gear (Double bearing box)

14.Remove the Allen-head screw (1) and the collar washer (2) in the center of the universal joint shaft.
Pull out the universal joint and push out the double bearing box (3) from the clamping ring (4). Use a rubber mallet if necessary.
NOTE! Do not damage or lose the shims!


15.Remove the collar washer (1) from the double bearing box.
NOTE! Take care of the shims (2).


16.Remove the locking ring (1) and the sealing (2).
NOTE! Always replace the sealing!


17.Press out the input gear. Use special tools 884386 and 884259.


18.If required press off the roller bearing (1) from the gear using a knife puller. The bearings (1) and (4) can be changed separately. When changing the outer races of the bearings, these must be ”knocked” off. Knock evenly all around. Always replace the oil deflector washer together with the outer races.
Wash the parts and check for wear. Replace parts when necessary.
NOTE! Gears with cones are sold in sets in order to obtain the correct gear contact.


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