How to Install Crankshaft for Volvo D1-30 Marine Diesel Engine

This instruction show you guide on how to install crankshaft for Volvo D1-30 marine diesel engine


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1.Check the cleanliness of the crankshaft drillings and bearing surfaces, engine block and bearing caps. Check that the bearing shells and their beds do not have any burrs or upsets.

2.Put the main bearings in their places in the bearing caps. Bearing shells with an oil hole must be placed in the upper bearing cap. Check that the lubrication holes in the upper bearing shells are centered on the oil ducts.


3.Oil the bearings and the main bearing journals and install the bearingcaps in their places. The cham fered edges must face forwards on all bearing caps. Please refer to the illustration, to identify the location of the bearing caps.

4.Torque the bearing caps, please refer to the “Technical Data” chapter for tightening torque.

5.Carefully lift the crankshaft into place in the engine block. Align the main bearing retainer screw holes (1) before the crankshaft is pressed into place.

Note. Tape the crankshaft gear before lifting the crankshaft into place, to prevent the gear teeth from damaging the front bearing seat.


6.Torque the main bearing caps in the engine block.

Tightening torque, please refer to the “Technical Data” chapter.

7.Check that the end float does not exceed. 0.5 mm by using a special tool, magnetic stand 999 9696 and dial gauge 998 9876.



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