Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code

A new type of Immobilizer transponder code matching function is available from Toyota program V34.00, which is accessed following the path: “[TOYOTA-16] connector or CAN BUS II connector” or “other area” (After you click this menu, X431 will search which systems on the vehicle can be tested automatically and display them)–>“Body”–>“Immobilizer”, then it will display as Fig.01, the new function is found under “Work Support” menu. If the vehicle is not equipped with this type Immobilizer system, please refer to another article,<Introduction of Toyota transponder matching> on the website.


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1.Transponder Code Registration

Click “Work Support”, it will display as Fig.02, If you want to register a new transponder(key), please select “Transponder code registration”, under this menu, not only masterkey, but also sub key can be registered.

Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code

Requirement: Please prepare a registered master key and a virgin key to be registered beforeyou operate, the virgin key is either a master key or a sub key. If preparation is OK, please click “Transponder code registration”, then it will display as Fig.03.There are 3 steps for operation, click “OK” to enter step 1,as Fig.04, please operate as guide displayed on the screen within 120 seconds.

Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (2)

After the above operation completed, click “OK” to enter step 2,as Fig.05 displayed, remove the master key from the cylinder within 20 seconds, then click “OK” to enter step3,as Fig.06 displayed, insert the virgin key to be programmed into the cylinder within 10 seconds, then press It is better as soon as possible when you operate step 2 and step 3.

Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (3) Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (4)


After you click “OK” in the Fig.06,the vehicle ECU start to register the key and X431 will display as Fig.07. If succeed, it will display as Fig.08 (for master key) or as Fig.09 (for sub key).If you want to continue to register another key, please click “OK”,otherwise click “Cancel” to exit the registration procedure.

Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (5)


2.Transponder Code Erasure

If you want to erase the keys registered,please click “Transponder Code Erasure” in the Fig.02 and it will display as Fig.10,please pay attention to the notes displayed on the screen. There are 2 steps for key code erasure procedure, click “OK” in the Fig.10 to enter step1,as Fig.11 displayed. Please operate as the guide information on the screen, after all is OK, please click “OK” to enter step 2 as Fig.12. Remove the master key from the key cylinder within 10 seconds, and then click “OK”,the vehicle ECU start to erase the key code and X431 will display as Fig.13. if the erasure operation succeed, X431 will display as Fig.14. click “OK”,then the erasure procedure is completed.

Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (6) Launch X431 Register Toyota Transponder Code (7)


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