Launch X431:Toyota Accumulator Pressure Down to Zero Drive

This function is located under TOYOTA-ABS-Work Support menu,TOYOTA-16 or CAN BUS II connector must be selected.


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How use Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool


The following is operation procedure:

Launch X431Toyota Accumulator Pressure Down to Zero Drive (1)

Operation condition:Accumulator is a store up energy component which is divided into two chambers in ABS system, one chamber is used to store brake fluid, and another is a gas chamber in which is filled high pressure nitrogen gas to keep the brake fluid pressed under specified pressure. On working, high pressure brake fluid in the accumulator is still present, so when replace actuators or maintains ABS system, pressure in accumulator must be released first for replacement or repairs safety. At this moment, this function, Accumulator zero down drive, is necessary.If you decide to perform this function, please click “Accumulator zero down drive” above figure, then enter the following figure, step 1/3, please click ”YES” to continue performing:

Launch X431Toyota Accumulator Pressure Down to Zero Drive (2)

On the Step 2/3 figure,click “YES”, the accumulator pressure down to zero drive is performing, the process will spend about 20s, then enter Step 3/3:

Launch X431Toyota Accumulator Pressure Down to Zero Drive (3)

The accumulator pressure has been down to zero, please switch ignition to OFF according to the hint on the display, click “OK” to end the function.

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