How to Program/Add New Keys for PROTON Gen 2 Manually

This article show a tutorial on how to reprogram a PROTON GEN 2 key.Got this form rang main dealer,hope it can help you.

2018.12.13 How to Reprogram New Keys for PROTON Gen 2 Manually



1Switch the ignition on and press and hold alarm reset switch usually on the centre console next to the fog light switch.

2Switch the ignition off and remove the key from the ignition barrel

3Turn the ignition on with working key

4Release the alarm switch and operate it once-this should make the alarm LED to flash twice.

5Still with the ignition on,operate the lock button on the first remote,the alarm should sound once to confirm.

6Keep the ignition on and at the same time operate the lock button on the first remote,this hould make the alarm to sound once to confirm

7Operate the lock button on the second remote fob – the alarm will beep once ot confirm

8Switch ignition off


And here are more auto key programming in “Auto Key Program” category.



Q1:I have gen 2 i have two keys one master key with no buttons and the normal 2 button key when i try this i get a beep but nothing else key led flashes so i think its oki as somthig must be registering how come i cant get it to work

A1:Try to start from the very beginning, removing the key from the ignition and manually locking the doors and unlocking them


Q2:Is this for the lock and unlocking of doors buttons on the Key itself? coz my key wont open the doors with the key buttons, i have to physically insert the key in the door to open doors. I bought a new Battery for the key but the problem still continues….

A2:This is for the remote unlock/lock functions. You have to have both keys for it to work for some reason. If 1 key doesn’t beep try changing the batteries.  I got 2 fresh batteries and it worked fine.


Q3:What to do if you only have one central locking key?

A3:you need two keys to programme the keys.

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