Audi A3,A3 Quattro Trouble Repair Collections

Here share the repair experience on Audi A3,include engine adaptation,electronic window learning,remote control learning and disable steering angle sensor ESP warning light.And for more Audi Repair,please check:Audi Trouble Repair.



Automatic engine adaptation method

a)When the battery power is not connected, connect the positive electrode and the grounding line;

b) Switch on the ignition;

c) Waiting for 5 seconds;

d) Start engine for 3 minutes to adjust.



Electronic window and window learning method

a) Switch on the ignition;

b) Lift and press the window switch and close the window completely;

c) Release the switch;

d) Lift and hold down the window switch for 1 second

e) Repeat the process to operate the other Windows;



The learning method of remote control alarm and control door lock

a) Open the driver side door manually with the key;

b) Press and hold on remote control alarm “Unlock” key once.

c) Switch on the ignition;

d) Switch off the ignition;

e)Pulled out the key from the ignition switch;

f) Use the remote alarm LOCK or UNLOCK once;

g) System return to normal


Steering Angle sensor ESP warning light

The ESP warning lights will extinguish if you travel in a straight line between 9 and 12 miles per hour.

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