Audi 01176 & 00166 E415 Ignition Switch Trouble Repair

A Audi vehicle owner describe his car remote can not work and the dashboard show the electronic ignition trouble,electronic steering lock can not work…Here show you guide on how to repair this problem.



Newest ODIS-E Engineering 17.0.1/12.2.0/9.0.1 Free Download

08.2023 VW ODIS 23.0.5 & 7.2.1 & 5.2.7 Diagnostic Software Free Download



Use ODIS software to diagnose get below trouble codes:

01176 – Key: Signal too Low

00166- Access/start authorization switch-E415-incorrect signal



Remove 4 microswitchs,and found one of the microswitchs was damaged.

After replacement of new switch,the trouble was solved.


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