Volkswagen Lavida P160900 Repair After NSK Steering Assistance Replacement

A Volkswagen Lavida P160900 get the trouble code P160900:crash shut-off was triggered after NSK steering assistance replacement,and the dashboard show the warning light.More Volkswagen repair,check this tag:Volkswagen Repair Projects.

Volkswagen Lavida P160900 Repair


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For P160900 diagnostic trouble code,you need to perform steering system control unit basic setting.

Open ODIS software,run automatically diagnose–>”44 power steering”–>”control unit diagnosis”–>”access permission”

Input the password “10608”

After accessing,select “44 power steering”–>”control unit auto-diagnosis”–>”basic setting–>”Reset”

After you performing resetting,the 44 power steering address will store some fault codes:

C10ACF0:Steering End stops not learned

B116854:Steering angle sensor No basic setting

B201300:No band end programming occurs static


For C10ACF0 Trouble Code:

Here we need to set steering wheel limit position.Turn the steering wheel to right and left maximum position,and keep several seconds until it will beep about 3 time.It means you have set the steering wheel to maximum position successfully,and now you can erase C10ACF0 code.


For B116854 Trouble Code:

Run ODIS software,select auto-diagnose and select “03 electrical brake setting”–>”control unit auto-diagnose”–>”Access Permission”–>Input the password “40168”

Select “03 electrical brake setting”–>”control unit auto-diagnose”–>”Basic Setting”–>Input 60 channel.


For B201300 Trouble Code:

For this fault code,you need to perform steering control unit programming.Run ODIS,perform guided function to perform steering control module J792.After then the 44 power steering address will store below fault codes:

U101300:Control module not coded static

B200500:Data record invalid

Perform manual code for 44 power steering,control unit diagnosis”–>”access permission”

Input the password “10608”.Select “44 power steering”–>”control unit auto-diagnosis”–>”code”–>Input “004F”

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