How to use Toyota TIS Techstream to Register Recognition Code

It is necessary to register recognition code when replace door control transmitter or door control receiver.So here i will share how to use Toyota TIS Techstream to register recognition code.Hope it helps!


Note:For detail procedures,refer to the prompts on the Techstream screen.The number of currently registered codes can be checked on the first screen of Wireless Code Registration.



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How to use Toyota TIS Techstream


Procedures of Recognition Code Registration:

1.Turn the ignition switch to ON

2.Enter the following menus:Body Electrical/Main Body/Utility/Wireless Code Registration

3.Press both the lock and unlock switches at the same time for 1 to 1.5 seconds.

4.Press either switch for more than 1 seconds within 3 seconds.

5.Check the response to the registration completion.


Response to Registration Completion:

Main body ECU automatically performs power door lock-unlock operation to show whether registration has been completed correctly or not.

Toyota TIS Techstream to Register Recognition Code

If the lock-unlock operation occurs twice,the registration of the recognition code has failed.Perform the registration procedures again from the beginning.

If registering another transmitter,repeat the procedures after the Techstream operation.All 6 recognition codes can be registered consecutively.


6.Perform either of the following to complete the registration of the recognition codes:

Use the Techstream to send a completion command.

Disconnect the Techstream.