Kubota U48 U55 Excavator Hydraulic Oil Return Filter Replacement Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to replace a new hydraulic oil return filter for Kubota U48-4 U55-4 compact excavator.


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Hydraulic oil tank components



Removing the cover (tank)

1.Loosen the hose clamp (3), remove the hose (return) (4), hose (return, cooler) (5), from the cover (tank) (1) side.

2.Remove the cover (tank) (1) mounting bolt (2).

(1) Cover (tank)

(2) Bolt

(3) Hose clamp

(4) Hose (return)

(5) Hose (return, cooler)


3.Pull up the cover (tank) (1) and remove the filter (return) (6).

(1) Cover (tank)

(6) Filter (return)


4.Clamp in a vice, loosen the set bolt (7), and remove the stopper (8).


5.Remove the filter (return) (9) using a wrench (1).

Wrench : 41 mm, 1.6 in. (two opposite faces)

Tightening torque  Filter (return) (9) 68.6 to 78.4 N·m  7.0 to 8.0 kgf·m  50.6 to 57.8




  • When tightening the filter (return), tighten with the wrench (1) on the nut (b) shown in the diagram to the left.

If the wrench (1) is placed on the nut on (a) side, the filter will break.

  • Assemble the filter so that opposite sides of the hexagonal part of the filter fully engages with the flat surfaces of the stopper (2).

(1) Wrench

(2) Stopper

(9) Filter (return)



Filter (suction) replacement procedure

1.Remove the filter (return) from the tank.

Remove the bracket (1)

(1) Bracket

(2) Bolt (M10 x 16)


2.Remove the bolt and the suction filter mounting pin (3).

(3) Pin (suction)


3.Hold onto the upper part of the filter (support) and remove the filter (suction) (4) from the tank.

(1) Strainer

(2) Nut

(4) Filter (suction)

Tightening torque  Nut (2) 16 to 24 N·m /1.6 to 2.4 kgf·m /12 to 18 lbf·ft

Kubota-U48-U55-Excavator-Hydraulic-Oil-Return-Filter-Replacement-Guide-9 Kubota-U48-U55-Excavator-Hydraulic-Oil-Return-Filter-Replacement-Guide-10



Filter (breather) replacement procedure

1.Loosen the bolt (1), and remove the washer (2).

(1) Bolt

(2) Metal washer


2.Remove the filter (breather) (3) from the tank.

(3) Filter (breather)



Assembly of anti vibration support for the hydraulic oil tank


Tightening order for each bolt

The tightening order for each bolt is indicated using the letters (a) through (d) in the diagram to the left.

1.After assembly, fully tighten the (a) bolt to the arch.

2.Lightly tighten bolts (b), (c), and (d) together with the assembly of their associated components.

3.Tighten in the order of (b)→(c)→(d).

4.Be sure the (b) bolt is assembled straight and not cross threaded.

Tightening torque Bolts (a) (b) (c) (d)

77.5 to 90.2 N·m

7.9 to 9.2 kgf·m

57.2 to 66.5 lbf·ft


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