Liebherr R9600 Hydraulic Excavator Oil Filter Replacement Guide

During changing oil for Liebherr R9600,you need replace the oil filter.So in this post, show you the guide on how to replace oil filter for Liebherr R9600 hydraulic excavator.



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Hot oil!

Risk of burns.

Use the applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Check that the Diesel engine is stopped for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Do not touch hot oil or hot surfaces.


Make sure that the following preconditions are met:

The machine is safely parked on firm and level ground.

The Diesel engine is stopped.


Make sure that the following tools are available:

Used oil container

Filter wrench

Clean cloth

Put the used oil container below the oil filter.

Remove the used oil filter with the dedicated filter wrench and discard it.

Clean the sealing of the oil filter head with a clean cloth.

Apply new oil on the seal of the new oil filter.

Fill the new oil filter with new oil.



Incorrect tightening of the oil filter!

Risk of leakage, risk of damage to the Diesel engine.

Obey the procedure to install the oil filter correctly.

Install the new oil filter: turn the oil filter until the oil filter touches the oil filter head.

Tighten the new oil filter: turn by the number of turns that is given on the oil filter.

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