How to Remove & Install Thermostat for Liebherr Diesel Engine D834

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install thermostat for Liebherr diesel engine D834 A7.



2020 2018 Liebherr Lidos Offline EPC+Service Manual Full Free Download



Remove thermostat

Remove thermostat 2 with O-ring 3 from

thermostat housing1

Clean sealing surfaces


Remove thermostat housing Mark installation position,fixing screws1

-Unscrew fixing screws 1

Remove thermostat housing 2 with seal 3 from timing case

-Clean sealing surfaces


Disassemble thermostat housing

Remove adapter 5 with banjo union1 and sealing rings 41

Remove plug-in pipe 3 from thermostat housing 2


Assemble thermostat housing

Screw in and tighten adapter 5 with new sealing rings 4 and banjo union1

-Coat new plug-in pipe 3I thinly with coolant frost protection

Install plug-in pipe Bl in thermostat housing)



Install thermostat and thermostat housing

Install thermostat housing

Position thermostat housing 2 with new sealing ring 3 on timing case

-Screw in fixing screws 1 after identification

Tighten fixing screws 1



Install thermostat

coat new O-Ring 3 thinly with coolant frost protection

Install thermostat 2 with O-Ring 3 in thermostat housing 1


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