How to Remove Control Valve for Kubota U48-4 U55-5 Excavator

This instruction show you guide on how to remove control valve for Kubota U48-4 U55-5 excavator.



Takeuchi Excavator Workshop EPC+Service Manual 2018 PDF Files

2022 Kubota Takeuchi Diagmaster v22.08.01 v4.1.2 Software Free Download

Kubota EPC Spare Parts Catalogue 2021.06 Download




  • When removing a hydraulic device after operating the mini-excavator, lower the bucket and blade to the ground and turn off the engine.
  • Each of the devices and the hydraulic oil are hot and under high pressure immediately after operating the mini-excavator. If the hydraulic oil reached a high operating temperature, it may cause a burn.
  • Oil gushing out under pressure has enough force to pierce your skin and may cause you injury. Always allow the temperature to drop and relieve any remaining pressure prior to working to remove any hydraulic equipment.


Removing the bonnet (right)

1.Open the bonnet (right) (4), remove the snap rings (1) and (2) in two locations, and separate the gas damper (3) and bonnet.


2.Slide the bonnet (right) (4) towards the front of the machine to remove.



  • Be sure to use 2 or more persons for removing the bonnet (right).
  • Bonnet (right) weight : Approx. 27 kg (60 lbs)

(1) Snap pin – flat metal washer

(2) Snap pin – flat metal washer

(3) Gas damper

(4) Bonnet (right)



Removing the bonnet (right)

1.Remove the cover assembly (right) (1) mounting bolts (2) and remove the cover assembly (right).

(1) Cover assembly (right)

(2) Bolt (M10 x 25)



Removing the battery

1.Remove the retainer (battery) (3) fastening nuts (6), and remove the cover (battery) (2) and retainer (battery) (3).

2.Disconnect the battery cord (negative) (8) and battery cord (positive) (7) from the battery side, and remove the battery from the machine.



When disconnecting the battery cords, be sure to disconnect the negative cord first. When re-connecting, connect the positive cord first.

(1) Battery (105D31L)

(2) Cover (battery)

(3) Retainer (battery)

(4) Bolt (battery)

(5) Flat metal washer

(6) Nut

(7) Battery cord (positive)

(8) Battery cord (negative)



Removing the hydraulic hoses

1.Attach the breather hose of the hydraulic fluid tank to the vacuum pump, and apply vacuum pressure to the hydraulic fluid tank.

2.Disconnect all hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring from the control valve.


Plug all disconnected hydraulic hoses, and affix identification labels on each for reassembly.



Removing the control valve

1.Fit an eyebolt (M10 pitch 1.25) (6) into the bracket (control valve) (1) bolt hole, and suspend the control valve assembly (2) by the crane.

2.Remove the mounting bolts (3) and (4) (six locations) of the bracket (control valve) (1), and remove using the crane.

Control valve weight :

Approx. 48 kg (110 lbs) (U48-4)

Approx. 59.5kg (131 lbs) (U55-4)

How-to-Remove-Control-Valve-for-Kubota-U48-4-U55-5-Excavator-6 How-to-Remove-Control-Valve-for-Kubota-U48-4-U55-5-Excavator-7


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