How to Use HINO DX3 to Create INF File for HINO Truck

A function to create an INF file based on the vehicle information and register it on the server.Here is a guide on how to use HINO DXIII diagnostic to create INF file for HINO truck.


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1.Select Special working on the Home screen.


2.Select INF File creation/registration on the Special working screen.
(Special working screen)


3.Read VIN, vehicle and ECU information from the vehicle.
(INF File creation/registration screen)


4.INF File creation is complete. Click or press the [OK] button.
(Creation completion screen)


5.A confirmation screen is displayed. Click or press the [Yes] button to complete the registration of the INF file. (Confirmation screen)
• If the upload is unsuccessful due to any errors, save the INF file to a folder on your local computer.
• INF file is saved in:


More case for HINO please refer to:HINO Trouble Repair.

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