2024 HINO Diagnostic Explorer DX3 DX2 Diagnostic Software Free Download

What is HINO DX3 Software?

Hino Diagnostic eXplorer 3 (Hino DX3) designed for diagnosing Hino trucks. The program comes with the database (troubleshooting data).The HinoDX2 is used for troubleshooting of the electronic control system and modification of vehicle-specific data Reprogramming of the ECU program.

HINO DX3 2024.05 (1)


HINO DX3 Diagnostic Software Function List:



Reading DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
Diagnostic and Troubleshooting workflow
Check and Activation Tests for engine components
Data Monitor function for recording engine/system operation


Configure user specific features such as
Idle Shutdown
PTO settings
Vehicle/Cruise Speed settings
Engine Protection settings
Maintenance Intervals
System Protection data reset
Special Learning for new engine components
Injector Calibration Codes


Print setting
Communication/Interface setting
Language setting
Unit setting
View setting

Past Work Information

DTC reports
Vehicle Information reports


HINO DX3 Diagnostic Software Support Regions:

Available regions – DEF, JPN, USA, CAN, AUS, CHN, ESP, NZL, COL, CHL, HKG, TWN, GBR, IRL, SGP, THA


HINO DX3 Diagnostic Software System requirements

Operating System: Windows XP /or Windows 7
Microprocessor: 700MHz Pentium Minimum-best if 2.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 128 MB minimum-Recommended 256 MB or higher
Hard Disk: 20GB free space minimum
PC Port: USB
Display: 1024×768 pixel minimum
Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher


HINO DX3 Diagnostic Software Support Languages:



HINO DX3 Diagnostic Software Support OS:

Windows 10 ,Windows 11 64 bit


HINO DX2 Diagnostic Software Free Download:

HINO DX2 Free Download



05.2024 HINO DX3 1.24.3/DX2 1.22.2 100% Work Solution (paid version)


HINO DX3 Released Note:

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Some devices that cannot be diagnosed by Denso’s interface “DST-010” can now be supported.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Implemented a function conforming to “Past work information” of Hino DXII.
Follow the steps below to check.
HOME screen – Special working – Past work information list
-Since the repro work after replacing the supply engine is different for the ECU direct engine and the non-direct engine, the explanation of each work content is described in the “Notes” column.


-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Vehicle reconnection prevention function has been implemented.
1) If the connection with the vehicle cannot be confirmed for a certain period of time during the diagnosis, a confirmation screen will appear prompting you to check the connection status of the connectors and cables.
After the confirmation screen is displayed, screen operations are restricted until the connection with the vehicle is confirmed.
*The connection is checked when operating the screen, and if it can be confirmed, the operation will be executed, and if it cannot be confirmed, the confirmation screen will be displayed again.
2) When checking the connection after the confirmation screen is displayed, if a connection to another vehicle is detected, a warning screen will be displayed and the diagnosis will end.
-When accessing GSPS from the HINO DXⅢ screen, it is no longer necessary to enter the ID/PW on the browser side. (Digital certificate selection is still required)
This function is only compatible with Microsoft Edge.
If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Edge, please switch to Microsoft Edge.
-The screen display when referring to the device information installed in the vehicle learned in the past has been changed.
Before) Confirm the connection of only the referenced device, and display only the referenced device on the system selection screen
After) Confirm the connection of only the referenced device, and display it on the system selection screen including other devices than the referenced device
-Implemented the installer manual download function. (in the “Other” function)
User can check the installer version update status at any time.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Active test can now be performed even when the data monitor item is selected and the data monitor is not being executed.
*To start the data monitor, it is necessary to end the active test once.
-System information and memo contents of the played file are now displayed on the data monitor playback screen.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added language support. (Vietnamese)

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Fixed a bug in the data transmission / reception function with the server.

-Function addition
A print function for timeline data (work history) has been added to “Special working”.

-Updated the database.

-Updated the database.

-Updated the database.

-HINO DXⅢ has been released.



HINO DX2 Diagnostic Software Update Log:

・Fixed a bug that some print buttons do not work.

・Updated 300series EURO6 diagnostic function. Select with the following target vehicles.
Vehicle classification:300 series Area:EURO6  Device classification:Engine&DCU, Brake, A/C

・Updated the database.

・DCU (made by BOSCH)
Addition of RPR file download function associated with repro server connection.
*You may need to upload the INF file in advance to download the RPR file.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Fixed the problem that error occurred when reading DTC in some devices.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・(Driving support) Added the reprogramming function./Changed the S/W part number system.

・(VCS) Added Initial learning menu “Identification of speed limiter function”.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Changed of VCS reprogramming sequence.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・(ZF TraXon AMT)Changed layout of Magnetic valve air leak check screen.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・(DCU) Changed of DTC display method.
・Updated the database.

・(HV, AMT) Updated diagnostic function.

・(Driving support) Changed of Diag history output method of “Adjustment of millimeter-wave radar beam axis”.

・(DCU) Added display function of past failure code.
・(WABCO Air suspension) Updated Diagnosis function and Initial learning.
・(HV) Updated Diagnosis function.

・Changed the specification of Reprogramming.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Fixed Initial setting/Initial learning of Air suspension.

・Updated the database.

・Fixed display bug in Data monitor.
・Updated the database.

・Fixed display bug in Data monitor.

・Fixed bug in data creation for Troubleshooting report.
・Changed the layout of part of Troubleshooting report.

・Fixed reading error of Signal information file of Data monitor.

・Updated the database.

・Fixed a problem that communication error occurs when writing Initial setting in some equipment.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.

・Expansion of Reprogramming function.
・Updated the database.

・Version information of DXII is added to Troubleshooting report.
・Supplementary explanation is added to Troubleshooting report of Failed Report.
・Extended Reprogramming function. (Partial change of sequence etc.)

・Changed of inf file creation function.
・Changed the rereading method of Delete all (DTC).

・Updated the database.
・Changed the Reprogramming function.

・Changed of inf file creation method.

・Changed of inf file creation method.
・Expansion of Reprogramming function.

・Updated the database.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Expansion of Reprogramming function.

・Updated the database.

・Updated the database.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Changed login ID selection function (add delete button).
・Changed the display method of the help button on Customization window etc.

・Changed of graph display processing of Data monitor.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Updated the database.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Updated the database.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Changed the reading function using QR code reader in “Injector correction”.
・Changed of offline use function.

・Changed of ECU reading process at the time of Reprogramming.

・Changed the download method of the “Help file”.
・Changed the check logic at the time of “INF file” upload.
・Added the display of the “Vehicle classification” and “System classification” to the Reprogramming ECU getting information window.
・Added a User ID selection function at the login screen.
・Added the “OBD Rate Monitor” in the Past work information print setting window.

・Changed logic to the judging whether Reprogramming is executable.

・Updated the database.
・Changed the inspection function.

・Added to the implementation presence or absence of the “Diagnostic flow” to “Past work information” screen.
・Added the display of the total number and the display number to “Past work information” screen.
・Changed the calculation method of the number of days available in the “Offline”.
・Changed the layout of the “Read DTC window”.
・Added the “Communication interface information” in the header part of the “Troubleshooting report”.
・In the middle of “Inspection” can no longer move to the other tabs.
・Changed the Reprogramming specifications for ABS of “300 series”.

・Changed the display method of List of past work information window.
・Changed the check conditions of the “engine machine number”.
・Changed the upload process of the inf file.

・Modernized the database.
・Streamlined the internal processing.

・Added the output function of the Diagnostic flow result.
・Added the display of the number of searches in Import past work information window.

・Changed the display method of Special working menu.
・Changed some of the display method of Freeze frame data about Transmission.

・Changed the time correction process at the time of Login.
・Added a history list of uploaded files.

・Changed the conditions to upload the INF file.
・Changed the check window of Batch writing of Customization item.

・Changed the method of “Read out all / Update all”.

・Changed of Freeze frame data display system.

・At Reprogramming screen, changed the button to select how to get Reprogramming file.
・Changed the display method of the active button.
・Changed the display order of the signal list. (Select items for data monitor window, Freeze frame data window, Select active test items window, Device specification, Customization, Learned Value, System protection data).

・Changed of Import past work information window.
Changed how to specify Work date.
Changed how to find VIN.
・Changed the creation method of Past work information of Reprogramming.

・Changed the method of switching display language at Login window.
・Expanded the light bulb mark display function, which means Reprogramming subject.

・Added ability to search for “Diag history” from “Work date”.
・Added a button to an enlarged view in bulk on the function of “Data monitor”.
・Changed the header information of the various reports.
・Changed the progress display screen of Diagnostic flow.
・Added an expiration date display of the password.
・Added simulation dedicated shortcut.

・Added the search function of Location information and Schematic in the menu bar.
・Add Customization Number to Troubleshooting report.

・When choosing the Part number of the engine in Simulation, changed so that it can be filtered by the Engine model.

・Added “mBar” to pressure units.
・Added a progress display of up to open the “Import past work information window”.
・Added a progress bar of the “Application download window”, content relocation.

・Added the ability to display the Diagnostic flow (HTML) of DX in Diagnostic flow screen.
・Added the ability to see in the video the DX2 operation of.
・Added the ability to synchronize the Data monitor template.
・Changed the caution screen to display when carrying out the Reprogramming.

・Changed of signal enlarged display function at the time of Data monitor.
・Changed of inf file creation method.

・Changed the setting method of character size of the screen.
・Changed the display method and printing method in the case that contains the long wording to Data monitor screen.
・Changed the progress screen at the time of version-up of DX2.
・Changed shortcut folder name of the DX2.

・Changed the display conditions of Vehicle classification.
・Added AMT to “Reprograming” of 300 series.
・Changed the display conditions of “Customization” screen.

・Change to be able to scroll through the description of “Yes / No” of a diagnostic flow screen.
・If a button or tab title can not be displayed all, to display the full text by the movement of the mouse.
・Change of content relocation scheme.
・If the VIN can not be acquired, it displays the VIN input screen to diagnosis and customization.

・Change acquired data of work history.

・Without using a diagnostic function was modified to be created by reading the INF file from ECU.
・In the Data monitor function, etc., change the screen transition at the time of reading and erasing trouble code.
・Change the initial display state of “Save target selection screen” in the Customization.
・Change method of acquiring “What’s New GSPS” and “System Announce”.
・A display signal selected by the Data monitor was changed to be displayed again after the screen transition.

・Add a link function to help document for customization.
・Change of the injector writing function.
・Change of inf file creation method.

・In the Inspection Menu window and Initial setting/Initial learning window, change the system at the time of screen display switching.
・Change of Release notes printing function.
・Add a link from the Help screen(Signal Description window) to help document (HTML) for Customization.
・Updated the work guidance of Constant writing auto leveling.

・Improved end processing of “DEF solution addition test”.
・Change the display message of “Difference learning after pump replacement”.
・Remove “Common rail pressure”, “Oil pressure” from the unit setting screen.
・Improvement of “Past work information print(Diagnostic flow)”.
・For multiple ECU, adding a continuous run function of Reprogramming.
・Improved caution message display method of Reprogramming.
・Change the representation of the Print button on the display screen part of Reprogramming.

・Updated the work guidance of Headlight auto leveling
・Improved provision processing of diagnostic flow corresponding to the ECU

・Added the ability to output messages to reset when performing an active test.
・During the diagnosis, it is changed to allow transition to another device, “diagnostic flow” and “Data monitor”.
・Added the display screen of the part number at the end of the Reprogramming.
・Changed the inspection end processing of “PCS operation check”.

・Add Item ID to “Customization”, “Active test”, “Data monitor”, “Freeze frame”.
・Expansion of key operating functions.
・Fixed a bug that selection combo box of the setting values ??are not displayed in “Active test”.
・Change the display logic of light-icon which is the reprogramming subject.
・Change the notation of diagnostic flow part of the “Past work information”.
・Change the logic of if it goes offline while downloading rpr file.

・Changed the part number check method of Reprogramming.
・Changed the check function when creating the inf file in Reprogramming.

・Changed the reading method of “Headlight auto leveling”.
・Changed processing at the end of DX2.

・Changed the new registration function of immobilizer.
・Changed the printing process in the “Data Monitor comparison” screen.
・Added checking inf file when creating the reprogramming of VCS ECU.
・Added new rpr file of BCU.

・Fixed a bug when creating Diag History.
・Fixed value display problem on a graph of data monitor.
・Fixed the display of the progress bar when reprogramming the AMT.
・Fixed a bug of display tab control that occurs when switching language.
・Change the retry message when reprogramming the AMT.

・Fixed an INF file creation bug when the user cancels the Repro.
・Changed an error when part number was not registered in Reprogramming.
・Changed the screen of “VSC” learning.
・Changed the download policy for “What’s new” and “System Announce”.
・Supports color multiplexing and scaling of the image in the Location information and Schematic.

・EBS lamp initialization function added.
・Modified to not lock screen with Reprogramming running.
・Added the diagnostic data of EURO5.
・Change the policy of display tab.
・Fixed the bug that inf file in 300 series cannot upload from special working.
・Fixed the bug that engine number dosen’t get.
・Fixed the bug that Reprogramming of 1A series Engine.

・Enabled to download RPR files for constant writing.
・Corrected contents of Check Function Menu/Initial Settings Menu for each ECUs.
・Finishing a work without VIM connected will end up with making Failed Reports.
・Modified the judgement condition of DCU/BCU reprogramming.

・Enabled re-Reprogramming failed ECUs(EPJ Engine ECU).
・Fixed the bug that the wrong VIN saved when you had diagnosed N series Engine after J series Engine.
・Removed the data(at the end of work) from Failed Reports.
・Modified to indicate (Failed Report) on Failed Reports in diag history list.
・Modified to log BCU event log every time you read BCU.

・Added Diagnostic Flow data.
*Known issue*
・Latest reprogram icons won’t be updated when changing status from offline to online.
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Added the function to change into online status.
・Changed default value of checkboxes on Reprogramming in case of exchange VCS ECU.
・Modified to report diag history information as “Failed Report” when operator changed the car during diagnosis.
・Fixed the bug in reprogramming failed ECU(E/P/J Engine).
・Added timeout error screen when failed to download DXII installer.
・Fixed the bug sometimes BCU event logs were not saved to diag history.
*Known issue*
・Latest reprogram icons won’t be updated when changing status from offline to online.
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed bug in 300 series constant writing.
・Fixed the contents of INF files created during 300 series constant writing.
・Added input screen when DXII can’t retrieve VIN from the vehicle during constant writing.
・Enabled making INF files from diag history that contains ABS data only.
・Modified adjustment of millimeter-wave radar beam axis.
・Modified axle modulator inspection.
・Modified pulse EGR inspection.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed the bug the selected status has been released in case returning from another screen in Diag History list.
・Bug fixes in BCU event log.
-Flame temp value.
-couldn’t open .elg files for replaying.
・Fixed the bug that INF files created under offline mode has not been uploaded when it comes to online mode.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・BCU Event Log rollbacked to version.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed a bug that have users who can not login.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed the bug in counting pages of diag reports.
・Fixed the bug in moving splitter on Main Menu screen.
・Changed criteria of evaluating Engine Number / Parts Number before reprogramming.
・Fixed the bug in displaying Location information and Schematic.
・Fixed the bug when looped from the last process of a Diagnostic Flow.
・Changed the timeout of downloading.
・Modified BCU Event Log.
・Modified the method of calculating TR Hours.
・Modified the total number of significant decimal digits of Flame temp.
・Updating the names of events.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Improved the checkbox display on Reprogram Screen.
・Diag History that contains BCU Event Log has an indicator “*” on equipment column in Diag History List.
・Fixed the bug in auto-reprogramming in case of engine exchange.
・Fixed the bug in making INF files from Diag History.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed the bug that can not be obtained DPR exhaust gas temperature in DPR check.
・Fixed the bug that can not be acquired monitoring data in Difference learning after pump replacement.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Enabled minimizing ActiveTest window.
・Added multiple/all delete function on Diag History List.
・Modified the default language setting.
・Modified the URL of the page for changing the password when expired.
・Fixed the behavior of hidden check boxes on System Protection Data / Learned Value screen.
・Fixed a bug in resizing Main Menu screen.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Enabled copy and paste headers of Diag History Report.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Implemented the countermeasure against the application down during data monitor.
*Known issue*
・A blank ECU can’t be reprogrammed by using DXII even if it can be reprogrammed by using DX.

・Fixed a bug that changing MAX/MIN value in MonitorSignalSetting screen is not reflected.

・Fixed a communication problem at the time of Repro.
・In the repro file selection screen, change only the most recent file to be displayed.

・Modified to include the diagnostic history PCS -Optical axis adjustment of laser sensor.
・Changed the wording of the confirmation screen at the time of reset of Learned Value / System Protection.
・Changed the title of the Troubleshooting report.
・Fixed a bug Repro of vehicle control.

・Modified the rules of checking errors in case of making inf files.

・Fixed the work history data creation failure

・Fixed the bug in resizing “Select items for datamonitor window”.
・Added maximize button on “Select items for datamonitor window”.
*Known issue*

・Fixed the bug in creating INF files.

*Known issue*
・Bug in resizing “Select items for datamonitor window” screen.(Trigger configuration button won’t move to the correct position.)
・There is no maximize button in “Select items for datamonitor window” screen.

・Modified check function of PCS -Optical axis adjustment of laser sensor.
・Display red-light-icon on the unit that must be reprogrammed.
・Modified the calculation of mileage(Mile or kilometer) in diag history.
・Added the unit sign to the right of the value of mileage.
・Reflected the number of significant figures to MAX/MIN in Data Monitor.
・Fixed the bug in relocation.(Application down)
*Known issue*

・Added System Announce to Main Menu.
・Modified to display Software Number before downloading rpr files.(only in special functions menu)
・Modified to choose “ECU program Update” as default.
・Fixed the bug that screen shot doesn’t fetch the lines user had written in case of Windows(English ver).
・Added maximize button on List of past work information screen.
*Known issue*
Unit of mileage (Mile or Kilometer) is incorrect in diag history.

・Fixed a problem when you cut and paste injector correction
・Fixed bug in page number of print customized
・Display the caution message of continuous run at the time of Manual forced regeneration of DPR check
・Changed the selection method of saving customization

・Fixed the bug in displaying check-boxes on lists of customize menu.
・Enabled skipping key on-off count down during reprogramming simulation.
・Fixed bug in screen shot tool in case of Windows XP.
・Fixed the eraser to work properly.
・Fixed the bug that screen shot doesn’t fetch the lines user had written.
・Modified the DTC classification of immobilizer to Active/Inactive.
・Fixed the bug in “Proportional relay valve inspection” and “Trailer control valve inspection”.(check functions of EBS)

・Fixed the bug that the screen shot tool doesn’t fetch DX2 screen .(instead, it had painted gray.)
・Fixed the bug that DX2 had reported freeze frame data during auto-updating DTCs.
・Fixed the bug that DX2 had retrieved and reported the wrong parts number after reprogramming.
・Fixed the bug in Immobilizer setting.

・Improved printing work information reports.
・Modified to display items on a new line If they can’t be displayed in one line.
・Modified not to report datamonitor settings repeatedly in case of check function.
・If communication between DX2 and ECU can’t be established during the process of creating and reporting inf file after reprogramming, DX2 prompts a dialog to warn it.
・If VIN or engine number was not retrieved during the process of creating inf file, DX2 will not upload it.
・Removed the process of adjusting PC system time. Instead, DX2 display the difference between PC and server time.
・Fixed the bug in activation process.
・Added default datamonitor signal settings files. They are downloaded automatically and displayed as the default selection.
・Fixed the bug that the buttons on Learned Value / System Protection Data screen can’t be changed language.

・Added Eraser to the paint tool(DX2 screen shot tools).
・Added a screen to select which to save to a file, settings of customize category only or of all categories.
・Removed displaying estimated time for relocation.(gap between estimated time and the real time is too big)
・Fixed the bug that DX2 displayed “Update completed” though it was not completed yet.
・Fixed the bug that contents relocation was not working correctly.
・Fixed the bug that DX2 downed when auto-update function was triggered with ECU not read checked.

・Added “Current Work” menu on menu bar to edit current work information.
・Modified to display Mileage value when Work Image Info screen opened.
・Fixed the bug that a new EBS ECU cannot be reprogrammed.
・Modified as to keep the selections of “Vehicle classification” and “Area”.

・Improved Reprogramming simulation.
・Enabled DTC setting and DTC search in simulation mode.

・Fixed the bug in rpr manual download.
・Fixed the bug that offline limit indicator on status bar always displays “1 day”.
・Fixed the bug in contents relocation.
・Added features for factory users.

・Fixed the bug that communication error has occurred in case of multi-FFD.
・Added Manual Update function.
・Changed Contents Relocation during splash screen.
Now you can choose to do, or not todo. And you can cancel it on progress.
・Modified to apply the effect of changing the size of font to almost all the items on the screen.
・Removed Unit column from Event Log.

・Improved progress screen on beginning of Check Function.
・300 series DCU reprograminng debut.
・300 series VCS reprogramming debut.
・Fixed the bug related to the judging whether reprogramming is executable.
・Fixed the bug in printing DTC codes on a diag report.
・Changed the default folder to save BCU event log files.
・Fixed the bug in managing files to be uploaded.
・Modified the behavior of “Reset all DPR items” menu in Check Function.

・Added “Accelerator sensor adjustment” to CheckFunction menu.
・Added a shortcut to Monitor folder to File menu.
・Changed the file name of auto-saved event log Files.(added VIN)
・Modified to save “.elg” files automatically.
・Changed the method of displaying repro server connection errors on reading out ECU’s.
・Fixed the bug in displaying “New Repro files” icon when multiple ECU’s were read.
・Fixed the bug in printing past work information.

・Fixed Check Function Menu of 89663-E305/E306/E307.
・Changed the method of resizing “Import past work information” screen. Now you can expand it from all corners.
・Enabled changing column width of the grid in “Import past work information” screen.
・Added trigger function on Data Monitor.
・Removed “Portal site” menu from menu bar.
・Fixed the bug in application download screen.
・Removed “Standard value” column from Data Monitor grid.
・Modified to refresh past work informaiton list only when you imported files or when you opened the screen.
・Modified the method of changing the file name of auto-saved Data Monitor File.
・Added an ECU parts number. E001(BCU)

・Fixed the bug in Speed limit setting.
・Changed UI of “Import past work information” . Now you can choose a group/all groups, a member/all members.
・Modified to remove installer modules except latest two.
・Added a menu to download repro files manually.

・Fixed the bug in DEF solution addition test.

・Modified the layout of past work report.(number of digits, date and time,,,etc)
・Fixed the bug that it deleted local files when uploading is complete.
・Added indicator of offline use on status bar.
・Modified the unit indicators next to the input fields on diagnostic flows.
・Modified to display warning message if you attempted to reprogram with the same program on the ECU.
・Fixed the bug that relocation screen remains if you execute the relocation repeatedly.
・Changed the order of downloading. Now it downloads help files first.
・Changed the method of resizing past work information list.
・Added pop up when retrieving BCU event log is complete.
・Fixed the bug that data monitor files are saved to always the same place.

・Added BCU Event Log data on past work information.
・Added graph view on BCU Event Log.
・Removed signals related to Event log from Data Monitor.
・Fixed the bug that a wrong PIN wirtten to Info file.
・Removed Help buttons from customize screens.
・Removed Repro Server short-cut from menu bar.

・Modified the bug that signals over 32bit have unintended RM as for DataMonitor output.
・Changed the default file name of DataMonitor output to “DATA_VIN_YYYYMMDD_HHMM”.
・Changed the behavior of “Finish” button on the Reprogramming screen.
Now you directly return to “Main Menu” screen.
・Modified the bug that the header parts of work history list allowed double clicking.

・Modify Event Log output.
・Modified DataMonitor displaying value(grid).
・Modified sentences.

・Added playable dat file to output files of BCU event log .
・Added “Restart” to the File menu.
・Modified “DEF solution addition test”
・Added “equipment” column to the past work information list.
・Now you can enter OperatorID to import past work information.
・Modified sentences.

・See ver1.1.13.7.

・Modified sentences.

・Modified diag history PDF output on portal site. The settings of the worker is reflected to them.
・Modified DCU reprogramming(added wait).
・Modified New-Reprogramming-icon on tree-view.
・Improved the DL/UL files indicator on the status bar.
・Modified the bug on XP-mode.
・Modified data monitor output.(not to use the exponent)
・Added some ECU parts number and Hybrid_14MY component.
・Modified the unit settings of some signals.
・Modified sentences.

・Modified the date of the past work informations.
・Now you can minimize Diagnostic flow window.
・You can expand the images in Diagnostic- flow in another window by w- clicking/tapping the images.
・Changed the location of DCU/BCU rpr files.
・Fixed the bug in checking the latest rpr file in Diagnosis.
・Fixed the bug there exists the past work informations not being uploaded.

・Changed Monitor / BCU Event Log output file format.(same as DX)
・Changed order of Monitor columns.
・Added print button onto almost every tabs.
・Changed the method of selecting active tests.
・Modified what’s new.


DB version

・Added Diagnostic Flow data.

・Added ECU type comment column.

・Added ECU parts number and component.

・Added Region column to vehicle section.

Diagnostic Flow version

・Added Diagnostic Flow data related to 14 Model Year.

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