How to Solve Scania Truck Auxiliary Heater System Overheat Sensor

This instruction show you guide on how to solve Scania truck auxiliary heater system ATA 112 overheat sensor.

Scania Truck

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Overheat sensor

Error identification

The overheat sensor has detected a temperature above 120°C for ATA 1, and above 150°C for ATA 2



Blocked air supply to the auxiliary heater, cold air.

Blocked air vent from the auxiliary heater, heated air.

Fault in the fuel supply.

Fault on the overheat sensor.




Check that the pipes for auxiliary heater air supply and air venting are not blocked.

Check the fuel supply.

Check the overheat sensor.

Instructions for the checking procedures are found in the work description in Multi under 18-90 “H13, ATA Auxiliary heater – air”.


For more information about Scania truck,please refer to:Scania Trouble Repair.


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