How to retrofit BMW CCC to CIC

CIC is the later hard drive-based system which is where the satnav maps are stored (together with your music library). CCC just has a DVD drive which has the nav maps on it. CIC generally also has a different control knob which has six buttons in front of the knob and two behind it. CCC has one large button behind the control knob. I say generally because I believe that some of the very final CCC systems had the new control knob which can confuse the picture so it isn’t a definitive identifier.

How to retrofit BMW CCC to CIC

CIC is much more user friendly and has a sort of blue background to it. So many people want to update their CCC system to CIC. And a owner share his experience of his DIY retrofit, we put it here.


Case: Retrofitted a CIC head unit into 2007 E93 that came with the old outdated CCC head unit. Its so much nicer and the navigation is more advanced. The Center screen is also High definition compared to the older screen. Its much easier to navigate around also.


What you need?


CIC Head unit $550 (Ebay)
CID HD screen $227 (Ebay)
iDrive controller and center console trim $105 (Ebay)
CID CAN/power connector to retrofit harnass to fit screen(61136954526) – $2.88 (dealer part)
CIC cable, connects to CID for video signal (61119185171) – $38.50 (dealer part)
USB Port (61319167196, superseded by 84109237656 ) – $26.50 (dealer part)
USB Port cable “cable for USB to glovebox” (61129196805) – $25.90 (dealer part)
CIC navigation voice emulator (Ebay) 78.76


It just cost you 1028.64 usd


You need to change the VO (vehicle order) in order for NCS to see the retrofit CIC module. To do this you need to change the production date of the car..

-Mine was #0307 changed to #0909
-Add $6VA also to VO
-Then you Fa-write the VO to CAS and FRM module…
-Default code the CIC module which should show up in NCS after changing the production date.

THen everything should be up and running with the new CIC.

I then used NCSexpert to code in:

-DVD in motion
-Legal disclaimer disabled on startup
-Fuel stop stations


More information:

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