BMW Coding Guide: DIY Coding for Your BMW

BMW Coding Guide:

Coding it implies software modifications to a vehicle to allow the use of functions not available in the car when it left the factory for different reasons, mainly local regulations. Codind does not imply changing the software! It only changes preprogramed options already existent in the software.

BMW Coding Guide

After Coding for your BMW you can change your car to do things you want:

  1. Remove the gong from when you have something in the passenger seat
  2. Remove the gong when ignition is on and door is open
  3. Remove iDrive legal disclaimer screen
  4. Default the boot right into the entertainment screen
  5. Turn on DRL’s (for older models)
  6. Turn on your Aux Input (after installing hardware)
  7. And so on…

The First thing before you coding for you BMW is that BMW Coding List, you should determine whether you BMW can be coded. Click below article to know BMW Coding Car list:

BMW Coding Car List

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide


BMW Coding Guide About Tool you need:

1.OBD to Ethemet/USB adaptor

2.A Laptop or computer

3.Dedicated software.

(BMW E-Series use an Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface)

(BMW F-Series use Ethemet to USB,called ENET interface)

BMW E-sys Software Free Download


BMW Coding Guide in a nutshell

  1. Install dedicated coding software on your laptop.
  2. Open the coding software download the cars settings to your computer.
  3. You make your change and upload them back into the car.
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