BMW F Series Sport Display Coding Guide

BMW Sport Display is a very nice feature to show the engine torque and horsepower on the screen.Here i share the guide on how to coding for bmw sport display and some FAQ about bmw sport coding.Hope this article is helpful to you.


What you need to for BMW Sport Display Coding?

1 BMW ENET(a coding device for BMW F series)

2 A laptop installed BMW E-sys coding software.(BMW E-sys Software Free Download)

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide


Procedure of Coding for BMW Sport Display:

Step 1:Connect BMW ENET to BMW X5 and laptop,then open BMW E-sys coding software on your laptop.And select “connect icon” on the upper left corner

Step 2:Here we select option according to vehicle model.

1 series and 3 series select F020

5 series and 6 series select F010

5 series GT and 7 series  select F001

…. …..


The procedures of coding for BMW sport display are the same as:Active/Disable BMW X5 Lock/Unlock Beep Sound Confirmation you can follow it.


The difference show below:

Enable Sports Displays

3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID        set to: aktiv

3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_UNIT    set to: aktiv


KOMBI module:

* To change units displayed to be ft lb and hp

3008 DREHMOMENT     set to: lb_ft (displays ft lb)

3008 LEISTUNG              set to: ps (displays hp)


Note:It hasn`t been activated on all the BMW F10 cars and doesn`t work on all engine types.


Here show some problem from forum about BMW Coding for Sport Display:


I coded Sport display on a MY 2009 F01 730d ECE version. The gauges don’t have the numbering and they don’t work. Is there a way to make them work?

This is what i coded:




Answer 1:

Sadly, Sport Displays is not supported by all Motors, and as far as I know, the N57D30O0 used in the 2009 730D cannot support Sport Displays.


Question 2:

hi guys trying to code sports display on bmw f10 535i

have done the below on esys pressed save and have had no change ?


3000- EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID set to: aktiv

3000- EFF_DYN_SPORT_UNIT set to: aktiv


Answer 2:

If you only “pressed save”, you’ve saved your edit to your computer, but not to the car.

In the FA section at the top of the screen, right-click “FA” and select “Activate”.

In the list of CAFD files, select the one you edited, and click “Code FDL” from the right side of the screen.

Those steps save the values to the car.


Question 3:

This is F13 2011 640, after activate the sport display. but no number marker on the meter. Any suggestion and advise, please help. The red needle will go up when acc. padel pressed, the only niche is no number and can not change the units from kW to bhp.


Answer 3:

The meters have yet to work with the N63 V8; however, with the N55 I6 like you have, it has worked for most, but others have been unable to change the Units. Your 640i though is the first I have seen where the meteres have no numerical values of any kind.

In HU_CIC / 3000 HMI, did you also enable EFF_DYN_SPORT_UNIT, and do you have the added “Power” and “Torque” on the Settings=>Language/Units screen, and are they selectable?

Apart from that, you may want to try and force the units into hp and ft lb as follows and see if the triggers the values to appear:

KOMBI 3008 PIA_Einheiten DREHMOMENT = lb_ft
KOMBI 3008 PIA_Einheiten LEISTUNG = PS

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