Ford Mondeo Power Window Switch & Remote Unlock Unstuck

A Ford Mondeo 2.0L manual transmission with 98 thousands kilometers,the owner described that the remote unlock and lock function don’t work and drive side window can not up down,the power window switch can control all window.Here i share the real case of How solve Ford Mondeo Power Window Switch & Remote Unlock Unstuck.


Trouble Test:

After talking with the owner,our technicians test the trouble on Ford Mondeo and found below tourble symptoms.

1. Remote can unlock and lock door.

2. Then window of driver side can not go up and down.

3. The main power window switch of driver side is unsuck,all windows out of control by it.

4. Only the driver side door can be locked by key.

5. The window of driver side and left rear can not be controled by thier power window switch.

6. The background light of main power window switch does not work.

7. The rearview mirror can not be adjusted

Ford Mondeo Remote Unlock unstuck

Trouble Diagnose:

Use the IDS read out the U0199 trouble code.

U0199:Lost Communication With Door Control Module A.

And found the left front door control module(DDM) can not do network test.So we think the

1. Wire connection trouble.

2. Left front door control module trouble.

3. Body Control Module(GEM) or network trouble.


The doors of Ford Mondeo communicate with each by lin bus and MSCAN.If the MSCAN and GEM get toruble,then all of module on the MSCAN will get into trobule.According to the symptoms,it is most likely that wire connection and left front control module trobule caused the problems.


Our technicians try below procedures:

1. Disconnect the wire connector C25-A/B,detect the voltage of terminal number 9,it is 12.5V normal.And then detect the resistance between terminal number 10 and GND,it showed 0 Ω,normal.

2. Replace a new left front door control module,but found trouble still exist.

3. Detect the wire connector C25-A/B terminal number 9 and wire connector CSPL01-A terminal number 2,it is good conduction.

4. Detect wire connector C25-A/B terminal number 10 to CSPL01-A terminal number 13,it was non-conducting state.And shake by hand, sometimes conduction is ok.

At the step 4 above,we found the trouble reason.The poor connection between left front door control module and GND caused the trouble,it make left front door control module can not work correctly.


Touble Solution:

Reinforce the wire connection between wire connector C25-A/B terminal number 10 to CSPL01-A terminal number 13.After testing,the trouble has been solved comletely,



Due to the poor connection of GND,the left front control module can not communicate relevant information,and system can not detect the state of left front door and left rear door.It default the door is in the unlock position,so remote can not lock doors.

The left front door control module does not work, so that the glass lifter can not receive the relevant instructions, resulting in it can not work; and G3D13 is the GND of left front door control module and power window switch , so the power window switch backlight is not bright.

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