How to Program 8C Key for Mazda 323 Manually

In this article I will introduce the method of How to program 8C Key for Mazda 323,althougt the Mazda 323 model has been listed for many years,but many fresh auto locksmiths are still unfamilar with it.In search program method on the internet all of what i found are incomprehensive.So our sorted out the program method deliberately,and share it here,hope it is helpful to you.

How to Program 8C Key for Mazda 323 Manually-1

The procedure of Program 8C Key for Mazda 323

1.Lock all doors of Mazda 323, plug key into ignition—>pull key out–>plug key into ignition again–>pull key out again…repeat until the immobilizer light flash.Then leave the key into igniton,and do not turn on,the keep the key in “OFF”position,and wait for 5 minutes.

2. The immo light flash frequency form fast to slow,then immo light off.

3. Turn the key to “ON” position,immo light on (start counting).The light from “light” to “off”(blinks) for a password process.You need to count the blinks to get the immobilizer code.The first set of blinks will gvie the first digit of the immo code.

4. There will be a pause,when you get first digit of immo code,the light will off.Turn the key off,then turn key on again.It will restart to flash,count blinks to get second digit of immo code…and so on.

5 The immo code is 8 digit code.When it complete,the immo light on,wait 3 seconds to turn key to “ON” position,wait immo light off.


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