Coding BMW 320i non Sport to Sport+ Mode

In this article I will give some useful tips about coding BMW 320i non sport to sport+.Follow this short port to get this skill,hope it is helpful.


What you need?

BMW E-sys Coding Software(BMW E-sys Coding Software Free Download)

BMW ENET Coding Cable

A laptop installed with BMW E-sys(BMW E-sys Installation)

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

Tips of Coding non sport to sport+ for BMW 320i:

Kombi => 300C ECO_FDS =>Function

FDS_MENUE_TEXT_1=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_SIGNAL_1=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_TEXT_2=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_SIGNAL_2=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_TEXT_3=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_SIGNAL_3=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_TEXT_4=> menue_3
FDS_MENUE_SIGNAL_4=> menue_3

ICM Module/ 3000 Daten/ IcmKod_B_Sportlenkung/ verbaut

EGS/3000 Applikation -> Sportschalter_alt -> aktiv
EGS/3000 Applikation -> Sportschalter -> aktiv

ICM/IcmKod_B_S2TBA -> verbaut

It will activate sport+ and sport transmission )))
Or you also could add 2TB option and delete 205 in salapa element


Some FAQ about Sport+ Mode Coding:


What exactly does sat do?

Answer: SAT = Option 2TB Sport Automatic Transmission, which is the Paddle Shifters.



I did just the sport + coding, but there is no actual word sport plus in the options, you just push one more past sport and sport plus shows up next to transmission selection. It’s there just not… does the FDS MENUE text coding add it in, maybe?

I am guessing adding SAT without paddles is pointless then?

Answer 1: Not sure about F30, but on F10, it changes the DS display in Kombi to S1-S7.

Answer 2: On f30 it’s not only paddles . you will get 2 times faster gear shift and in manual mode gear won’t automatically change even if you hit the limiter. Also in sport + gears will be shifting on higher rpm so 0.3 sec faster 0-100 kmh time

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