How to add new key for Ford Mondeo all key lost?

The car owner lost all keys and need pick tool to unlock the door, but the professional unlock tool not found, then I find out 2 wires preparing to connect electricity to unlock the door.


Step 1, connect wire to my own car’s battery, and then connect the negative electrode to the body of Mondeo as shown in the following first picture, and positive electrode connected to the wire wrapped by hose located in the cracks of trunk as shown in the following second picture, the red arrow is the wire location.

cable position-01 cable position-02

Poke Harness and find the wire you want (the wire is orange and black)

find cable want-03

After the current is switched on, open the trunk. Tips: if the keys were locked in the car, there is a rod, pull back the rod, push down the seat, then enter the car.


Step 2, remove car lock, it is easier to remove trunk.



After disassemble the lock, record the cutting number one by one. The cutting number is: 413342

lock took apart-05 record-number-06 record-key-number-07

Step 3: use ikeycutter condor XC007 and Ford X3 Fixture to cut key.

condor NO.3 fixture-08


The car owner require me make folding remote key, then I use VVDI remote control adaptation.

Important note: the metal key head should not too long, then I shorten it, otherwise the distance of chip reorganization is too far and won’t start the car, how long should the key be shortened, please refer to the following picture.



Step 4, judge chip and install, a small part of Taiwan Mondeo use 4C chip (only use glass 4C), the other old Mondeo use 4D-60, (4D-70 can be replaced)

judge chip type-10

Step 5, use VVDI remote generation function to generate a Modeo remote board, the following picture shows before the shell is covered and after the shell covered.

without shell key mondeo remote board-11

Step 6, manually add remote is okay.

With the chip, you could use T300, key pro M8 or SBB to make key, it will only take 10 minutes. Notes: if you choose reset the system then it needs 2 chips, if the number of the chip is not enough then it can’t start the Mondeo.

star car-12 key-programmer-key-pro-m8-13



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