How to Choose Correct Telematic Disks for Benz ECU Flashing by DTS Monaco

It is necessary to choose correct Telematic disks for Benz ECUs flashing by DTS Monaco,so here i will show you guide on how to find it.More about DTS Monaco projects,please check it here:Benz DTS Monaco cases.



Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



The SDFLASH files have files with the extension *.CDI.

The * is the partnumber of the telematic disk.

1.Save the Hardware ID of your Comand

2.Search in all CDI files for your hardware ID number

3.Use the found CFF files

4.Buy or burn correct Telematics disk

5.Put telematics disk in comand

6.Start flashing with the found CFF files If parsing error happens telematics disk is not well burned.



Extract from CDI file:


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