How to Use DTS Monaco Flash Benz ECU with CFF

For some Mercedes Benz ECUs need just one CFF flashed and other ECUs need to have flashed more than one CFF at once.Here show the guide on how to use DTS Monaco to flash Benz ECUs with CFF.More about DTS Monaco projects,please check it here:Benz DTS Monaco cases.


Note:After flashing a quick test/kurztest with delecting all errors/DTS is recommend.



Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



The CFF file/files should be placed into the CBF folder Then the corosponding CFF to one ECU will be here shown.

1.Open the flashbrowser

2.Connect to the ECU->start the communication

3.Choose the needed CFFs so that they appear at the area at the right side

4.Check or uncheck the one you want or don’t

5.Press start

How to Use DTS Monaco Flash Benz ECU with CFF

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