How to Choose Correct CFF for Benz ECUs Flashing by DTS Monaco

When you performing ECUs flashing for Mercedes Benz,you need choose CFF.So here i will show you guide on how to choose correct CFF.More about DTS Monaco projects,please check it here:Benz DTS Monaco cases.



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How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



You should perfom a Backup of ECU ID Info

1.The number in the orange rectangle may be used for a search in the CFF database by a editor like Notepad++ or even totalcommander for a search inside of files to find the corresponding CFF.

2.The number in the red rectangle may be used for a search of the CFF which is installed at the moment. This may be used for a possible flash with the CFF flash did not work and you are stuck in a boot loop.

3.When you find the CFFs put them in a folder

4.A good help if a CFF fits to your ECU are the *. et** files these were in certain 2015 Xentry SDflash folders. You will need from all 2015 Xentry versions theĀ *. et** files to have all carlines In the desired carline *. et** fiels you need to be search with a editor like notepad for the hardware ID of your ecu. You wil find all fitting CFFs then.

extract from CFF:

How-to-Find-Correct-CFF-for-Benz-ECUs-Flashing-by-DTS-Monaco-1 How-to-Find-Correct-CFF-for-Benz-ECUs-Flashing-by-DTS-Monaco-2


Extract from the** file I have searched for the hardware id and as you see: the first number is the hardware ID the second are the possible CFFs the thrid is the name of the ECU.


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