Benz NTG 4.5 DVD Video Can not Activated After Flashing

Benz NTG 4.5 DVD video cannot activated after flashing,due to flash Japanese to ECE.



Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



The coding need to be performed in manual mode and the coding string need to be in decimal not in hexadecimal.If it is not in decimal please change it from hexadecimal to decimal in ini from from vediamo configuration window.


1.Open variantcoding

2.Choose dienste/group HU parameter

3.Open manual coding


Add 032 on position 5 from coding string

For example:

Old coding is 095 and add 032 so put on his position 127

In detail:095+032=127

4.Click sg-kodieren

5.Reset Comand



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