VAG Group:VCP System Pr-Code Feature Guide

Every new generation of VAG cars is more complicated than a previous. Amount of combinations of installed extras and their variants makes the coding of the control unit far more complicated than by older generations. The advanced diagnostic routines checking the configuration against installed options and if any inconsistency is detected, the fault is logged and important functions may be switched off.


In VAG-World the options are coded by so-called PR-Codes. This is a 3-characters code which describes the option installed. The PR-Codes are grouped into “Families”. For example: family MOT groups all the engine PR-Codes(D33,D34…). The particular car can have only one PR-Code from every family, for example:

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The PR-Code describes precisely what kind of option is installed and is can be used to determine the right coding for the control unit.


1.Look for a sticker located somewhere in the trunk (in most cases in spare wheel compartment)

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2.There’s a label sticked in your service book / user manual, looks like above

3.Ask the dealer for the PR-Codes – they can fetch this data from service database.



This function can automatically recode and parametrize the control unit using the coding databases and the options installed in car, which are described by PR-codes

The parametrization writes several data into control unit’s memory and together with well-known coding controls its behavior.


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1.Open PR-Coder (Guided Functions -> other -> start PRCoder)

2.Connect to required ECU

3.Open coding template and select .prc file which contains the coding database. All the PR-Codes used in the database are displayed in PR Numbers panel. You can select the the PR-code by ticking “selected variant” or load a list by clicking “Open PRNR file”. The list is a textfile with one PR-Code per line:

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4.Press “Prepare data”. The coding and parametrization will be prepared. The selected PR-codes are validated against consistency and the result is displayed:

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========== New PRNR Group SNA+GEN========== <- PR Families used in Group

7L6+8GG/8GV/8GU nOK <- it means 7L6 AND (8GG OR 8GV OR 8GU). nOK = no such combination

7L6+8GZ nOK

7L3+8GG/8GV/8GU OK <- this combination is valid (you have selected 7L3 and (8GG or 8GV or 8GU)

7L3+8GZ nOK

Processing PRGroup OK. <- PRNR Group OK

Processing of PRGroup is successful if ONE AND ONLY ONE combination is valid for a group

5.Press “Code It!” – the data will be written to ECU.

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