How to Calculate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Fobik Pin Code

If you are expensive auto locksmith,you may found that the PIN codes of Dodge,Chrysler and Jeep can be read out by programmers.But some of them you can to get PIN codes by programmers.

Here is another about:How to Get PIN Code When Programming Key 

And I suffer this problem several time,it is hardly to calculate PIN code by myself,so I disassemble the skim to remove the 93C86 chip.Then I use programmer to read out data file,and sent it to ICC and pay for PIN code.


But now,I found idea of Dodge,Chrysler and Jeep PIN code calculation method.

Here I share it here,hope it helps!

And you also can verify this method,feedback on this article by comments.


Below is data file read out from 93C86 chip

How to Calculate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Fobik Pin Code1

Check 0004C0 line,the PIN code show here

Try:9901 or 6798

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