How to Calculate PIN Code from BCM Dump for Opel Corsa-D

In this post, will share you a method to calculate PIN code from BCM dump.Firstly you need use some programmers to read out dump files from BCM.And before calculating,you need use programmer to read out dump file from Opel Corsa-D BCM.



Remove BCM and disassemble the cover to take PCB out.

Then according to the diagram,solder wires on PCB.In this example,we take VVDI Programmer as example,the diagram show on the software.

Calculate-PIN-Code-from-BCM-Dump-for-Opel-Corsa-D-1 Calculate-PIN-Code-from-BCM-Dump-for-Opel-Corsa-D-2


Select “2-MCU”–>”RENESAS-V850”–>”D70F3379”


Select “P-FLSH” and click “Read” button


It will take several minutes to read out P-FLASH data from BCM


Save the P-FLASH data on your pc


And then open it with a editor,like HEX Workshop Editor



Now you can calculate PIN code from BCM P-FLASH dump:

Open dump from FLASH and read value from address 3FD0 3FD1 3FD2

In this example,I have value F8 9A 5D

Double value from address 3FD1

Now we get value:F8 9A 9A 5D

Open dump from EPROM and read value from address 0010 to 0013

Save value,i have in EPROM dump to address 0050 to 0053

In my example i have CC A8 A8 65

Now open HEX calculator and make value FLASH XOR value EPROM

In my case,F89A9A5D XOR CCA8A865=34323238

Ignore 3 and find value 4228

Now read reverse the value and it is PIN code:8224!

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