Porsche Cayenne,Tiguan 2009 PIN Code Caculate Guide

If you ever programed keys for Porsche Cayenne,it needs PIN code for programming.But in some situation,you can not read out the PIN code by Key Programmer.And you must to remove the ECU,and read out the data file from a chip 95128,and then caculate data file to obtain the PIN.And this article talk about how to caculate PIN code for Porsche Cayenne,Tiguan 2009.

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For Posche Cayenne and Tiguan made after 2009,you must remove the ECU to get the PIN code


Remove the ECU and disassemble the 95128 chip carefully,and read out the data file,then caculate the PIN code manually.Then enter the immo by programmer and enter the pin code to program new key.The detail operations,read How To Add New Key For Porsche Cayenne to get more info.Here we talk about how to obtain the PIN code by Removing ECU,after getting the pin code,it is easy to program key.

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How to caculate PIN code:

1. Remove ECU form vehicle

2. Locate the chip 95128 near the CPU,and remove the 95128 chip from ECU PCB by soldering iron.

3. Read out the data file from 95128,and save it on the laptop.

4. Caculate the PIN code from data file.

AS below show,the 1A15 is the pin code.Conver it from hex adecimal to decimalism is 5402.

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