How To Add New Key For Porsche Cayenne


How To Add New Key For Porsche Cayenne.

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For Porsche Cayenne made before 2004.06:

Read out immobilizer PIN,and then short circuit pin 3 to pin 7 of OBD port with 5053.

Then you can start program key


For Porsche Cayenne made from 2004.06 to 2006:

Read the immobilizer PIN by programmer,but it can not program key by common key programmer.(Only by VVDI Programmer or Original manufacturer device)


For Porsche Cayenne made from 2007 to 2010:

Some Porsche Cayenne made during this period can do key programed by VVDI device.

And for others,you need to remove the ECU,disassemble the storager chip,near CPU,typed 95160.

Read out the data file by programmer.

Open the data file.

The pin code locate at section 040 and 060,12th and 13th byte.Conver the hex system to decimalism,then you get the PIN.

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Note:Before you program for next key,insert the key to ignition and turn it the “ON” position,but do not start the engine,and wait for 3 seconds,then you will sound the “beep” of unlocking.

Turn off the ignition,and then you can start programming next key.

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