Trucktool 3.14 Forklift Diagnostic Software Free Download

What is TruckTool?

TruckTool is forklift truck diagnostic software special for Rocla,Mitsubishi,Caterpillar,Unicarriers, TCM.


TruckTool Support Languages:

English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Russian, Japanese, Chinese


TruckTool Support Operation Systems:

Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11


TruckTool Version Released Notes:

TruckTool 3.14 Update:

IC trucks

FG15N5-35N6, FG20CN5-6, GP15N5-35N6, GP20CN5-6, PF(S/U)30N6-70N6

China region support added for the following models:


FD40-55N4T, FD50CN4T

Pallet trucks

PBP16-20N3, PBP20N3E, NPP16-20N3, NPP20N3E, PAL16-20F-N3, PAL20E-N3, MLW160-200, MEW200

PBP20N3R, NPP20N3R, PAL20R-N3, MLF200

PBV20N3D, PBF20N3DR, PBF20N3DS, NPV20N3D, NPF20N3DR, NPF20N3DS, SRD20-N3, SRD20R-N3, SRD20S-N3, PDF200, PDR200, PDS200

Pallet-stacking trucks

SBS16N2(21/2S), SBS20N2(21/2S), SBS20N2-30N2, SBS10N2TF, NSS16N2(2I/2S), NSS20N2(2I/2S), NPS20N2-30N2, NSS10N2TF, XSS160(I/S), XSS200(I/S), XLS200-300, XTS100, SSO16(I/S)-N2, SSO20(I/S)-N2, LLS20-N2, LLS30-N2, SST10-N2

SBP10-16N3(R), SBP12-16N3I(R), SBP16N3S(R), NSP10-16N3(R), NSP12-16N3I(R), NSP16N3S(R), MSW100-160(I)(S), MSF100-160(I)(S), SPW10-16(I)(S)-N3, SPR12-16(I)(S)-N3


TruckTool 3.13 Update

TruckTool support released for the following models:

Mitsubishi: PBP12N2D, SBP12N2C


TCM: SPD12-N2, SPL12-N2

UniCarriers: CDW125, CSW125

Firmware updates for the following models:

PBV20-25N3, PBF20-25N3R, PBF20-25N3S, NPV20-25N3, NPF20-25N3R, NPF20-25N3S, PTF200-250, PTP200-250R, PTP200-250S, PLF200-250, PLR200-250, PLS200-250


Trucktool 3.14 Free Download:

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