JCB Backhoe Loader 3CX 4CX Shovel Reset System Adjustment Guide

The shovel reset system is designed to automatically tilt the shovel forward when the loader arms are raised, this prevents a heaped shovel from depositing its contents over the back of the shovel onto the bonnet or cab when the loader arms are raised.This instruction show you guide on how to adjust shovel reset system for JCB 3CX, 4CX, 214e, 214, 215, 217 & VARIANTS Backhoe Loader


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When the loader arms are raised the feed back link A causes the cam plate B to rotate anti-clockwise. The rotation of the cam plate pulls the cable C which selects the loader valve block shovel spool D to tip the shovel forwards.

When either a cable or feedback link is changed or if the shovel reset system is not operating correctly carry out functional adjustment check.

1 Adjust the feedback link A to 2065mm (81.3in). After adjusting tighten the lock nuts.
2 Fit cam plate B with the single threaded hole at the top.
3 Fit feed back link A to cam plate and shovel lever E.
4 Connect cable C to the bottom centre position F on the cam plate B, secure in position.
Note: The factory fit position for the cable end ball joint to cam plate is the centre position. Because of component variation it is permissible to fit the cable end ball joint in either the forward or rear position. The forward position will advance the levelling and the rear position will delay the
5 Connect cable C to the loader arm control lever G.
6 Secure cable ends with spring clips H.
7 Carry out the adjustment procedure.

1 Roll the shovel fully back and lower to the ground.
2 The feedback link position in relation to the loader arm pivot pin measurement J should be 40mm (1.5in).
Adjust feedback link as required.
3 When the loader arms are raised there should be no slack in the cable at K when the shovel arm pivot pin L is 1.0 to 1.5 meters (3.5 to 5.0 feet).
4 Roll the shovel fully forward and fully retract the lift arms, this will raise the front wheels off the ground.
5 In this position there should be slack in the cable at M,if not adjust the cable as required.
Note: Whenever any adjustment is made repeat steps 4/5 to make sure there is slack in the cable with the shovel rolled fully forward.


This enables you to roll the shovel from the rolled forward position into the digging position quickly and easily.
When you select ‘Return To Dig’ a proximity switch on one of the loader arms cuts off the hydraulic pressure to the shovel rams immediately the shovel reaches the correct angle for digging.

To select ‘Return To Dig’:
1 Press the ‘Return To Dig Enable’ switch A to the ON position, the switch will illuminate.
2 Pull the loader lever to the left as far as it will go. You will feel a slight pressure on the lever as it passes through the Roll Back position.
Release the lever, it will stay in the detent position until the shovel reaches the return to dig position when the lever will automatically return to the central hold position.
3 When return to dig is no longer required press the enable switch to the OFF position.

1 Lower the loader arms and position the shovel in the required ‘Return To Dig’ position.
2 Switch OFF the engine but leave the ignition ON.
3 Press the ‘Return To Dig Enable’ switch to ON.
4 Adjust the rod with nuts 1 so that the LED on the proximity switches illuminates/extinguishes at this position.
5 Adjust the proximity switch with nuts 2 to give a clearance X of 2 mm (0.08 in).


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