New Holland CX8000 Series New Version CCM (Combine Control Module) Introduction

The information in this post show the introduction of a new Combine Controller Module (CCM) version.NEW HOLLAND introduced the new CCM because some of the internal components of the old CCM are no longer in production.


A new software logic is necessary for the new CCM versions because the internal components work differently.

To support the introduction of this new CCM, a new software version will be available in the Electronic Service Tool (EST).

Externally, the old CCM version and the new CCM version are identical.
It is possible however to distinguish the new CCM version from the old CCM version through the part number on the barcode decal (See Figure 1)

In the close area of the barcode decal it is possible that there are colored dots. (See Figure 1)


The green dot is always present. The green dot indicates that the CCM passed the end-of-line test. The green dot is also present on the old hardware version.


The yellow dot is to ease the recognition of the new hardware version. The yellow dot will only be present on the supplied modules at the beginning. In future, the yellow dot will no longer be present.


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In some cases, there will be an orange dot. The orange dot indicates that the supplier performed additional quality checks on the module.

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SERIES: CX8000 series Tier IV – CX7000 Elevation series – CX8000 Elevation – CR Series Tier IV – CR series Tier III – CX – CR9000 Tier III – CX8000 series TIER 3 – CR Series Tier II
MODELS AFFECTED: CX , CX7000 Elevation series , CX8000 Elevation , CX8000 series TIER 3 , CX8000 series Tier IV , CR Series Tier IV , CR Series Tier II , CR series Tier III , CR9000 Tier III


Unit preparation

NOTE: The four reference points to the unit are the left-hand side, the right-hand side, the front of the unit, and the back of the unit. These reference points apply to someone that faces the direction of travel from a standing position that is behind the unit.

Service instruction

How to recognize the CCM version with the EST:

You can check the CCM version in the “HARDWARE VERSION” column of the “CONTROLLER STATUS” screen:

Hardware version indicates the old CCM version

Hardware version indicates the new CCM version

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What software version do you need for your CCM’s:

The new CCM software is available in EST version update 9 onwards. The new CCM software versions are compatible with the old hardware versions as well as with the new hardware versions.

When you install the new CCM hardware on the below listed models, it is necessary to install the below listed software versions or higher.

For CR series combines and CX series combines (Product Identification Number (PIN) xx1782001 and above) Tier4A and Tier3, CR series combines (PIN YBG115101 – YEG118934):






For CR9000 series combines and CX8000 series combines (PIN xx1660001 – xx1780999), CX8000 series combines (PIN xx1600001 – xx1644999), CR9000 series combines (PIN xx1600001 – xx1644999) and CR9000, CR6080, CR8090 series combine (PIN HAJ110001 and above) (PIN Y8G000001 – YBG115024):





CRCX ccm1_32_20_04_00_DisplayV27.hx1

CRCX ccm2_32_20_04_00_DisplayV27.hx1

CRCX ccm3_32_20_04_00_DisplayV27.hx1

CRCX ccm4_32_20_04_00_DisplayV27.hx1


For CX8000 series combines (PIN xx1540001 – xx1584999) and CR9000 series combines (PIN xx1540001 – xx1584999):

CCM 1:

CCM 2:

CCM 3:

For CX series combines (PIN xx1260001 – xx1520999) and CR series combines (PIN HAJ100001 – HAJ103722 / PIN xx1480001 – xx1520999):








NOTICE:CCM versions older than the above mentioned ones are not compatible with the new CCM hardware. Do NOT install older CCM versions.


NOTE:If your EST version is older than update 9 then the software download protection feature is not active. Please make sure that the EST version is version update 9 or higher before you install a new CCM hardware version on a unit.

Swapping and/or replacement of CCM’s:

It is possible to swap the old controller with a new one and visa versa. When you install a new CCM, proceed as follows:


When the current CCM software version on a unit is or higher, update the software on all of the installed modules. This includes CCM’s, Right Hand Module (RHM), IntelliView™, NAV controller, etc. The update of all the modules will avoid compatibility issues with the new CCM hardware and the new CCM software.


When the current CCM software version on a unit is lower than, only update the CCM software versions to the version that is compatible with the new CCM hardware. There is no requirement to update any module other than the CCM’s.


NOTE:NEW HOLLAND recommends to retrieve the machine configurations before you start the software download. This allows you to compare the configurations when the software download is ready.

Software download protection

NOTE: Make sure to update your CNH EST software to the latest available version before you start any CCM software updates!

The EST will automatically block the download of an incorrect software version. A message will show on the EST screen to indicate that the software is not compatible with the CCM. At the same time, the EST will refuse the download.

NOTICE: If you did not update your EST to version update 9 or higher, the download protection will not work. As a result, you will be able to download wrong software versions onto the new CCM’s.

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